All About the Christian Dior Oblique Book Tote and How to Authenticate It

Studio image of real and fake Christian Dior Oblique book totes side by side

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the birth of the Book Tote.


What’s more “savoir-faire” than a Christian Dior Book Tote? The house’s signature style brought to life by Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director for Christian Dior, is surely a FASHIONPHILE favorite. This “take anywhere” style elevates the traditional tote bag silhouette while incorporating intricate embroidery techniques perfected by only the best European craftsmen.

Due to growing popularity, two additional sizes have been introduced since the original’s release in 2018: the Small size and the Mini size. The cost of a Christian Dior Book Tote can be justified knowing that in order to construct an original Book Tote, it takes more than 24 hours and over a million stitches depending on the pattern. And buying your authentic Dior Book Tote pre-owned at FASHIONPHILE can certainly trim a few hundred dollars off your total at check-out. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

If you’re curious about how Dior constructs their beautiful Book Totes, watch this video to see all the steps the house takes to make this style from start to finish.

Which Book Tote is best?

All of their patterns are stunning, but the most notable pattern from Christian Dior is the iconic oblique motif, which comes available in a range of colors (like blue, grey, and burgundy). The style also comes in limited edition patterns, such as the Jouy Book Totes and the Exclusive US Book Totes – just to name a few.

Regardless of what pattern, the Book Tote effortlessly captures the attention of many, and pairs well with just about any wardrobe. We adore a chic Bobby bag or Saddle bag too, but something about an oblique Book tote, an undeniably popular carryall, radiates comfort, ease, and luxury. In fact, we’re only halfway through the year and we’ve already sold 56% more Book Totes than in all of 2020. It is without a doubt the chicest travel companion and a great tote for new moms. Pst, can you think of a bag more perfect than a Book Tote to carry all your books in? I think not!

With thousands of Book Totes procured at FASHIONPHILE, our team of brand-expert authenticators is hard at work ensuring counterfeits never make it onto our site. Whenever we see an influx of popular styles, we are bound to see an influx of counterfeits, too. It just comes with the territory. But rest assured our authentication department is on top of it. Now to the fun stuff!

Studio image of Real vs Fake Christian Dior Oblique Book Totes at Fashionphile

Authentication at FASHIONPHILE

Our process of authenticating Dior oblique Book Totes requires a passion for luxury brands and strong attention to detail. If you ever find yourself wondering whether your Christian Dior oblique Book Tote is authentic or not, these takeaways on textile, construction, and interior tags will hopefully help answer some of your questions.

As always, when buying pre-owned designer handbags and accessories, it’s important to buy from a trusted source like FASHIONPHILE. Our growing authentication team consists of experts who are highly specialized in the specific brand names that we carry. We stand by our authenticators and the authenticity of each item we sell and we offer a lifetime return policy should any item we sell prove to be inauthentic.

When it comes to our rigorous authentication process, we take a careful and methodical approach. It’s a science after all. See for yourself!

So without further ado, let’s dive into some key takeaways to help you tell if your Christian Dior oblique Book Tote is authentic.

Comparing authentic vs. fake Christian Dior oblique Book Totes side-by-side

The Dior Textile

Most Dior Book Totes are constructed using high-quality canvas. Other popular Book Tote styles are made with luxurious leather featuring the distinctive Christian Dior logo embossed at the front.

When inspecting the textile of Dior Book Totes, the canvas embroidery should have clean, tight, and detailed stitching. The color of the stitching used should also be very consistent throughout. Inauthentic Dior Book Totes will contain a canvas color that is too pale, or not consistent with the material standards of Christian Dior.

Real vs Fake Christian Dior Oblique Book Totes

The Dior Oblique

The oblique motif is the star of the show, and arguably the most important design component of the bag. Our brand experts pay close attention to the proportions of the letter placement, the color and weight of the thread used, as well as the quality of the embroidery.

Often, inauthentic Dior oblique Book Totes will show signs of incorrect proportions, and the letters that spell “Dior” will be too squished together. You may also notice in many counterfeit versions that the oblique is printed, or that the embroidery is too thin or too thick, and does not compare to the correct weight and quality of the authentic version.

Fake Dior Oblique Pattern
Authentic Dior Oblique Pattern

Dior Construction

The overall shape and construction of the Dior oblique Book Tote is another important factor to consider when authenticating this particular style. Often, inauthentic Dior Book Totes will have incorrect measurements, usually with dimensions shorter than the authentic version. Our experts make sure to look out for bent handles and bent corners, especially at the base of the bag. Noting the overall shape and structure is key.

Fake Dior Book Tote handles
Authentic Dior Book Tote handles

Dior Interior Tags

Aside from noting exterior elements, when determining the authenticity of Dior oblique Book Totes, it is important to also pay close attention to the interior tags. Interior tags contain the stamped logo using a high-quality foil application, as well as the made-in information, and Designer ID located at the underside of the tag.

It is crucial to notate the proportions of the dots over the letter “i” as well as the overall font proportions. Often, inauthentic Dior Book Totes will contain fonts that are too blocky and bold with incorrect spacing between the letters.

fake dior interior tag
authentic dior interior tag fashionphile
The Book Tote is truly iconic and beloved by so many for its artistry, quality, and versatility. If you bought a Book Tote from us, tag us on Instagram @fashionphile #fashionphile. We love to see you enjoy your authentic designer handbags!
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