Our First Neiman Marcus Selling Studios Are Opening in Time for the Holiday Season.

Our first Neiman Marcus Selling Studios are opening in time for the holiday season.


As most of you know (we like to shout it from the rooftops!), FASHIONPHILE officially joined the Neiman Marcus family this past April. Together we’re rolling out integrated services that continue to transform the resale landscape and elevate the luxury retail experience. From adding Neiman Marcus gift cards as a payment method to our suppliers, to offering drop-off and order pickup at select Neiman Marcus locations, it has been a thrill to see our beloved fashionphiles engaging with what is just the beginning of an extraordinary journey together.

It’s in that same spirit that I share some truly exciting news: our first four Neiman Marcus Selling Studios are officially opening before Black Friday. These new Studios will serve as spaces for you to sell your pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories, where FASHIONPHILE employees will authenticate and appraise your items, offering same-day pay by check or a Neiman Marcus gift card (including an additional 10% bonus on the buyout value!).

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce FASHIONPHILE in…


1. NorthPark – Dallas, TX

It only felt right that one of our first FASHIONPHILE Selling Studios includes Neiman Marcus’s headquarters, the iconic NorthPark Center with a 50+ year history. While you’ve already been enjoying quoted item drop-off and order pickup from the Customer Service desk, we’ll now have our very own dedicated home inside Neiman Marcus NorthPark where you will now also have the opportunity to book or walk-in for selling appointments.


2. Fashion Island – Newport Beach, CA

Long before our partnership with Neiman Marcus, we began planning a FASHIONPHILE location in Orange County, where so many of our fashionphiles live. You’ve faithfully driven to our Beverly Hills and Carlsbad locations, and we couldn’t be more excited to give you a FASHIONPHILE of your own. Visit us on the third floor!


3. San Francisco, CA

We have always loved San Francisco, and our Selling Studio inside of San Francisco Neiman Marcus is located conveniently in the heart of Union Square. It offers selling appointments, walk-ins, same-day pay, order pickup, and quoted item drop-off.


4. Beverly Hills, CA

A hop, skip, and a jump from Wilshire to Neiman Marcus. Beverly Hills has been the home of our OG showroom, and where my business partner Ben Hemminger and I started FASHIONPHILE out of his living room. The Wilshire location has officially closed as our operations move into our new home at Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus, where you’ll enjoy all of the same services you know and love, plus a few new ones: appointments for selling, walk-ins, same day pay, order pickup, and quoted item drop-off.


Make an appointment or stop by – we can’t wait to see you in our new locations!




Sarah Davis, Founder & President