Men’s Holiday Luxury Gift Guide

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Men’s Holiday Luxury Gift Guide


Men. Much as we love them, they’re notoriously hard to shop for. When asked what they want for the holidays, there’s a high probability that in lieu of an actual answer, you’ll receive a mere shrug, lip pout, or possible indecipherable grunt.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t want (and deserve) nice things. It means we have to be superior investigators. Luckily, FASHIONPHILE knows this all too well and, well, they’re on it.

The Men’s Gift Guide zeroes in on giftable, ultra-luxury gems for every masculine sensibility. Because when he looks good, you look good. Periodt.

A few highlights from the gift guide, which I highly recommend you explore in its entirety, too.

For the Professional

Briefcases, messenger bags, loafers, and more. Everything you need for a luxurious work-life balance.

Louis Vuitton Porte-Documents Voyage

The Louis Vuitton Porte-Documents Voyage is THE go-to professional bag and comes in a variety of signature Louis Vuitton textiles.

Hermes Paperweight

For the man who spends most of his time in his office, I present you: the Hermes Paperweight. Made in France, it’s gorgeous, distinguished, and has that corner-office vibe.

David Yurman Cufflinks

For something a bit smaller but equally chic, David Yurman Cufflinks are an exceptional choice. I’ve never seen anything quite like them, but one thing’s for sure: they basically scream expensive.

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For the Sporty Type

Sneakerhead, meet tennis pro. This collection is for that sporty, athleisure type in your life.

Louis Vuitton Keepall

The Louis Vuitton Keepall is sort of an epitome of sporty, and just really, really chic. Perfect weekender for when he comes to your place (or when you both plan a weekend away from it all).

Christian Dior Saddle Bag

This Grained Calfskin Kim Jones Saddle Bag Blue is everything we love about classic Christian Dior bags, but in a functional, “almost-fanny’ rendition. Not to mention the color — because it basically mentions itself.

Gucci Sneakers

Possibly one of the hottest luxury men’s items this year— Gucci sneakers probably top the list.

studio image of gucci sneakers FASHIONPHILE

For the Humble Bragger

You know the type. He’s got an Hermes surfboard behind him on your Zoom calls — and it’s not a virtual background.

Hermes Surfboard

Slight correction: if he doesn’t have one yet, he will now. Enter the Hermes Surfboard — It’s the type of piece that is hang-on-the-wall worthy and the rare interior design moment you can both agree on.

Christian Dior Bucket Hat

This Nylon Oblique Jacquard Bucket Hat reminds me of Ja Rule in his early 2000’s prime (ugh, am I dating myself? Just Google it.) It’s about the closest thing to understated glam I can think of. Best worn shirtless.

Louis Vuitton Soft Trunk Wallet

It’s not a murse, it’s a trunk wallet — a Soft Trunk Wallet, to be specific. I love how intensely bold this piece is, especially with the soft trunk. It’s strangely unexpected. You know what? The whole thing is strangely unexpected, in the best way.

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Of course, those are just my picks. Check out the entire Men’s Gift Guide to find yours. Happy gifting!