4 Compelling Reasons to Gift Pre-Owned

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4 Compelling Reasons to Gift Pre-Owned


I get it: gifting pre-owned had never been the first idea that popped into my head either. But what if it doesn’t come with a box? Or what if it looks used? I can assure you, that a proper education has made me a convert.

It gives you access to hard-to-find pieces.

Some ultra-luxury items are just really hard to get your hands on — they’re either sold out often (re: the Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Pochette Accessories) or they naturally come with an exclusive waitlist on most items (re: almost anything Hermes.)

This is especially true in the COVID era when product lines are slim and raw materials are limited, but demand has hardly slowed down.

Buying pre-owned allows you to bypass all of that and get what you want as soon as you want it — often in Giftable or ‘like new’ condition. Bonus: Check the “Comes With” section for a note that it comes with the original box or case.

You can purchase beautiful items that aren’t made anymore

I could so easily go on a rampage about the countless number of beautiful handbags that aren’t available in retail anymore (I’m particularly looking at you, Louis Vuitton!) but instead, I’ll name a few.

Gems like the Chanel Medallion Tote, or the Louis Vuitton Speedy mini (not to be confused with the Speedy Nano), are just a couple of examples of pieces that are now only available pre-owned. For that reason alone, it makes them all the more precious.

You can get amazing vintage pieces

Certain eras can be replicated but never fully reproduced — no doubt that’s why so many of us have an undying affinity for all things vintage.

Shopping pre-owned means you can tap into fashion moments of bygone eras. Whether that’s these beautiful Hermes pieces circa the early 1990s or a rare Louis Vuitton trunk from the 80s, there’s a treasure trove of possibilities that only exist in the pre-owned realm. That makes them especially unique in today’s world of fashion. Not to mention, someone in the know may be quite dazzled by your find.

It’s more eco-conscious (really!)

This is serious — if you’re someone who questions the ethics of purchasing pieces made from animal products, I’m right there with you. Short of buying synthetics, which simply don’t offer the level of beauty and luxury that you’re likely looking for, purchasing an existing bag and giving it a new life is one of the best ways to honor the planet and the contributions made in the process of creating that bag. So in my humble opinion, that’s one more thing you can feel (really) good about.

The best way to gift pre-owned (unless you know EXACTLY what your gift receiver likes, lucky you) is a FASHIONPHILE Gift Card. Let them decide!