Designer Boards: Must-Haves for the Luxurious Shredder

Designer Boards: Must-haves for the luxurious shredder

Designer Boards: Must-Haves for the Luxurious Shredder


Extreme sports are probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think of FASHIONPHILE.  After all, we’re a luxury handbag resale company; what would we have to do with the world of surfing or skateboarding?

Well, as it turns out, we have a few things to do with board sports, namely things from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes.

Luxury brands get crazy ideas sometimes. Expansion into areas that, without their pedigree, would be impossible to expand into. Exploration into the unknown. That exploration has become a diverse suite of extreme sports equipment, and today, we’ll explore what makes these boards so special. Bonus points: these boards make amazing decorative statements (they’re works of art, really) for any home!


Chanel’s PVC Carbon Vinyl Acetate Wakesurf Surfboard 

Wakesurfing isn’t the activity that may first come to mind when thinking of luxury goods, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Yeah, we see you Chanel. This board is perfect for the wakesurfing athlete who needs the most opulent ride money can buy. A simple, black-and-white colorway accentuates the board’s prominent Chanel branding; all the other wakesurfers on the lake will know exactly how luxurious your board is from a mile away.

product image of chanel wakesurf surfboard FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Wakesurf Surfboard
Louis  Vuitton’s Wood Monogram By The Pool Skimboard 

It doesn’t stop at wakeboards. Louis Vuitton had to make a skimboard, too (and plenty of surfboards I may add). This board features sturdy construction and a light, playful colorway that shows off its wooden body. Its oversized flower motif takes center stage, and brings the Louis Vuitton brand into a playful, relaxed setting. The board’s gradient-infused design is a perfect compliment to any designer board collection. Whether you’re a professional skimboarder who wants some luxury in your quiver or a Louis Vuitton enthusiast just getting into the niche sport, this fine plank is the perfect fit for you.

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product image of Louis Vuitton skimboard FASHIONPHILE
Louis Vuitton Skimboard


Louis Vuitton’s Fiberglass Surf On The Beach Board Surfboard

FASHIONPHILE’s other watersport-related offering is almost twice as long, and an absolute masterpiece to boot. This immensely valuable Louis Vuitton surfboard, designed in partnership with Alex Israel, is hand-painted to mimic the beauty of Californian sunsets. It features the Louis Vuitton branding that we all know and love applied subtly, letting Israel’s artwork take center stage. This board isn’t as “in-your-face” as some of the other items on this list, but its value is apparent in the beauty of the board itself. Honestly, less is more. Probably surfs pretty well, too.

product image of Louis vuitton fiberglass surfboard FASHIONPHILE
Louis Vuitton Fiberglass Surfboard
Hermes’ Resin Savana Dance Surfboard

Designed by a South African artistic collective, this surfboard is a work of art unlike any other.  It displays a scene of a jaguar and monkey caught in motion, surrounded by a beautiful portrayal of nature. Its two fins are glassed into the board instead of being removable; this allows them to become part of the artwork themselves.

The board is an all-around shape suitable for a wide range of surfers, and its 1950s-inspired construction complements the nature of its visual design perfectly. It even comes with a tin of Hermes-proprietary surf wax created by their Artistic Director of Perfumes, so if you ever decide to take the board out for a spin, you can treat your board to the wax it deserves. Whether you’re boosting airs at Pipeline or displaying the board in your home, this fine piece of craftsmanship is sure to make a statement.

product image of Hermes Savana Dance Surfboard FASHIONPHILE
Hermes Savana Dance Surfboard


Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Illusion Wood Skateboard

Skateboarding is a direct descendant of surfing, so it’s only natural that we continue with this Louis Vuitton skateboard. A standard street shape measuring 8.3 inches wide, this board is on the larger side, suitable for large ramps, stair sets, and pools. It’s also a beautiful artistic piece for any home, boasting a pink-and-purple gradient print with the traditional Louis Vuitton monograms on the deck, and larger LV logos on the grip tape. With Louis Vuitton branding extending to even the screws, this isn’t your average skateboard. Your kick flips could be ultra-luxe.

product image of louis vuitton monogram skateboard FASHIONPHILE
Louis Vuitton Skateboard
Fendi x Sarah Coleman Wood FF Fisheye Skateboard

A little smaller, at 8.0 inches, this Fendi board is a bit better suited for street-style tricks, if you’re not just using it as a collector’s item. It has a prominent, loud design, and has components that can hold their own at the skatepark. If Fendi is your brand of choice and you love notable brand collaborations, this is the board for you. Just don’t snap it within a week.

product image of Fendi x Sarah Colemen Skateboard FASHIONPHILE
Fendi x Sarah Coleman Skateboard
Hermes’ Wood Savana Dance Longboard Skateboard

This longboard mimics its surfboard counterpart with the same artistic print.  If you’re looking to complete your Hermes board collection, this is a must-have.  It has a classic longboard shape, perfect for smooth cruising and casual transportation.  With bright yellow wheels and specially designed trucks, this board turns well and gives off good vibes, wherever you choose to use it.  This is the board for the concrete surfer who wants the pinnacle of luxury under their feet.

product image of Hermes Longboard Skateboard FASHIONPHILE
Hermes Savana Longboard Skateboard


Chanel’s Wood Logo Snowboard

Depending on where you are in the world, if you find yourself in need of a break from the heat, a quick plane ride could take you anywhere.. perhaps the Australian Alps? Their winters are during America’s summers and you could take this ultra-luxurious Chanel Wood Logo Snowboard with you. It’s sleek and elegant, and will no doubt turn heads on the slopes.

product image of Chanel wood snowboard FASHIONPHILE
Chanel Snowboard

And if you don’t snowboard (or skateboard, or surf for that matter), that doesn’t have to stop you. Being that this item is a coveted collector’s piece (among others), it also makes a fun decorative element for the home (more on stylish must-haves for the home, here) or, of course, an amazing gift for that ultra-luxe shredder in your life.

Whether you’re riding in the shallows, getting barreled, or popping laser flips, the world of ultra-luxury goods has a surprising number of options.  Why restrict everyday luxury to jewelry or handbags when you can take the designers along with you in all walks of life?  While often used as decorative pieces, these boards are well-built, intentionally crafted, and fully functional. Their very existence is a testament to the universal nature of luxury design, and we hope to see even more “out-there” applications of classic brand motifs in the future. Who knows, if Louis Vuitton can make a surfboard, what’s stopping Gucci from designing some roller blades, or Dior from throwing together a hang glider?

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