Date Night Picks for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again – love is officially in the air.


In light of the many (many), months happily spent in my favorite athleisure, going all out this Valentine’s Day has never seemed more justified. I’m personally ready to trade in my Alo-anything for something a tad more romantic — at least for an evening.

Oh, you too? I had a feeling. Pre-owned luxury is the perfect 2021 purchase, which is why I’m sharing my personal date night picks in hopes of getting your designer fantasies (and your FASHIONPHILE wishlist) flowing:

Saint Laurent Monogram Heart Bags

I can’t really think of a better emerging-from-quarantine bag than these sweet and edgy monogram heart bags from Saint Laurent. It seems to connote an element of confidence, like “yes, we’re still undeniably our sweet and stylish selves, but with a new edge— and we’re not the least bit sorry about it.”

Christian Louboutin Peep-Toe Pumps

As the flirtatious younger cousin of Louboutin’s classic red-soled patent pumps, these platform peep-toe pumps set the bar high for a magical evening. And honestly, the platforms feel like the perfect debut-from-the-proverbial-dungeon (if there ever was one). Now is the time to live out your Disney princess fantasies, but in fancy patent leather.

Cartier Diamond Heart Pendants

In addition to the beloved Love Bracelet that serves as a glorious symbol of love, our collection of subtle-yet-stunning Cartier heart pendants is a love of mine that has only strengthened over time. Whoever originally coined the phrase, “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” definitely overlooked diamonds. And as perfect as our Cartier diamond heart collection is for Valentine’s Day (ugh, sooo perfect), it is just as stunning against a work blazer or glistening against your newly-minted staycation tan. With this unusual mix of interwoven gold, white gold, and pink gold, these pieces will complement anything.

Gucci Marmont Card Holder

Romance really is in the subtleties (as any hopeless romantic who passed a “do you like me? Yes/No” note in the 5th grade can attest). In fact, pulling out one of these gorgeous calfskin card holders from Gucci at the end of the date is a chic move Carrie Bradshaw would approve of. But in the end, your lovely date may inevitably refuse to let you pay (Mr. Big! You shouldn’t have.) And speaking of dates and romance, you may want to read the origins of Gucci: An Italian love story – it really might surprise you.

Of course, our designer fantasies don’t stop here. We have tons of designer pieces to shop and add to your FASHIONPHILE wishlist.
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