Goyard, Very Exclusive.

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Goyard, Very Exclusive.


What does “luxury” mean to you? For some, it means lots of logos. For others, it means instant recognition. 200-year-old Parisian label Goyard believes true luxury is synonymous with discretion and exclusivity – and with customers as iconic as Coco Chanel and Meghan Markle, we really can’t argue with them!


Goyard takes that exclusivity seriously, though. So seriously that:

  • They rarely sell to the public, preferring to craft custom orders for VIP clients instead
  • They don’t advertise or solicit celebrity and influencer endorsements
  • They don’t offer e-commerce…like, at all
  • They turn down any custom requests that aren’t “on brand,” no matter how wealthy or famous the client

That means that the majority of Goyard creations – from luggage trunks to monogrammed totes, all featuring their signature Goyardine pattern – are “the result of a very close creative collaboration between a customer and the Goyard team.”


In other words…re-commerce to the rescue!

You don’t have to be the Duchess of Sussex or North West (yes, the 5-year-old Kardashian offspring has a collection of custom Goyard pieces) to get in on the brand’s low-key luxury vibe – you just have to be a Fashionphile. Thanks to our well-connected and impossibly chic sellers, we’ve got a stellar collection of Goyard goodies on the site.

If you’re in the market for a go-anywhere bag that still feels elevated and elegant, Goyard’s Goyardine St. Louis GM Grey, is a must-have. It even can come with the classic matching pochette for easy organization. (If you’re not ready to make quite as much of an investment, the Goyardine Card Holder is an accessible way to add a touch of that Goyard luxury to your daily errand runs.)

Looking for a not-so-typical Goyard treasure? This Goyardine Sac Hardy Pet Carrier GM Black, is guaranteed to be the only one of its kind no matter where you’re traveling. Or, the Goyardine Reversible Belharra White, is just as appropriate at the Farmer’s Market as it is on an international flight.

So, no, your new(ish) Goyard bag might not be as flashy as an LV Speedy or as trendy as this season’s Gucci. But as Goyard has said, “We believe that whispering softly in someone’s ears is not only more elegant but also much more efficient than screaming at the top of one’s lungs.”


Have one to sell? Exclusivity can often mean top-dollar in the resale market. Get a quote from FASHIONPHILE!