Top Shelf: The Ultimate Reseller List

top shelf ultimate reseller list

Top Shelf: The Ultimate Reseller List


No one wants to part with a designer handbag. But sometimes, the sacrifice is just worth it. Like when it means you can nab a newer one you couldn’t quite justify otherwise. Or when you actually get back more than you paid for it. (Who knew your investment portfolio would start with your closet?) Without further ado, let’s see just how much resale value could be hiding away in your collection.


More than Your Money’s Worth

Goyard Saint Louis

If you own one, you know that buying a Goyard Saint Louis isn’t a simple thing. Mainly because they’re only available in-stores — and there simply aren’t very many locations. Needless to say, these bags often resell at 25% higher than retail, especially if you’re selling in the continental U.S.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Nano Speedy

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but — Nano Speedys are hard to find because, well, the world is obsessed with them. That said, they often resale 32 – 36% higher than retail. So if you’re ready to trade yours in a different tiny treasure (did someone say Celine Drummed Calfskin Nano? Yves Saint Laurent?) now is your moment.

Chanel Iridescent Caviar Chevron Quilted Flap Light Gold

This unicorn piece will earn you well over original retail, making it worth considering. For the return you’ll get on it, you could buy a Chanel flap bag NEW and still have benjamins in your wallet for a rainy day.

Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette

Again, if you have one of these and she’s in good condition — good on ya girl. You can easily make your investment back and then some on your Multi.

Chanel Caviar Quilted Medium Double Flap

The cost of this bag — and nearly anything Chanel, for that matter — is steadily rising. Resale value has nearly doubled in the last decade, so you’ll easily get your money back, and then some.

Hermes Birkin

Some people have a rainy day fund. Others own a Birkin. Your Birkin will probably never lose her value, so there’s no crazy rush. But doing so could easily make room in your budget for a couple of other gorgeous pieces. Food for thought.


Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

This Louis Pochette Metis is another rare example of a piece you can nearly make your full investment back on. If you’ve already enjoyed yours for a while now and are ready for something fresh this holiday season, make your move.

Louis Vuitton BumBag

While not quite full retail, the resale value for your Bum is pretty darn close. Actually, now that this style is discontinued, you may get more for it. If you’ve enjoyed yours for a while and are ready for something fresh, let us know.

Gucci Super Mini GG Marmont

While not quite as mind-blowing resale-wise as some of the others on this list, your Gucci Super Mini retains nearly 75% of its value when you sell it in very good condition. These bags move because they’re a great introductory bag for those new to the scene. But if you’re ready to graduate, just let us know.

Saint Laurent Blogger

Another ultra-popular entry-level piece, you’ll also get close to 75% of current retail for yours.

Bottega Venetta The Pouch

That Bottega Venetta pouch you bought for $2,400? It’s selling close to retail. Thank you very much, Instagram.

Dior Lady Dior

Lady Dior is super popular and is a classic amongst handbag aficionados. This means your bag will sell quickly for a nice sum.

Want to see what your bag is worth? Send us a note and we’ll get a quote to you right away.


Note: these estimates are for pieces that are in New to Excellent condition, and due to demand can change at any time. We authenticate all of our bags through one of the world’s most advanced authentication processes (more on that here), so we’ll help you ensure that your pieces are OG originals.

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