Our BuyBack Policy is the Chicest Way to Recycle

our buyback policy is the chicest way to recycle FASHIONPHILE

Our BuyBack Policy is the Chicest Way to Recycle


Let’s be honest–we’d still be obsessed with resale shopping even if it didn’t help the environment. But the fact that it does totally sweetens the deal. With more and more brands opting into sustainable, eco-friendly practices (like Stella McCartney), FASHIONPHILE is leaning into all the ways that shopping secondhand can give the planet a second chance–like BuyBacks.

Our BuyBack program is probably the chicest way to recycle. Basically, you can sell your FASHIONPHILE purchases back to us for 70% of the item’s original price within 180 days, and we’ll re-list it on our site so it can find a new home with someone else. Customers love BuyBacks for so many reasons–it completely erases buyer’s remorse and essentially allows you to “rent” a bag for six months for just 30% of the price–but our favorite thing about BuyBacks is its potential impact on the environment.

According to the EPA (Environment Protection Agency), 75% of waste that ends up in landfills could have been recycled. More than that, 16 million tons of textile waste is generated each year, simply because we’re throwing away clothes and bags that could’ve been recycled back into the resale market. FASHIONPHILE wants no part of that statistic (no Louis Vuitton left behind!); that’s why we offer BuyBacks.


How do I submit my item(s) to the BuyBack Program?

  • After purchasing an item from us, you will see a “Sell Back” link in your Fashionphile Account for 180 days.
  • Simply click the “Sell Back” link in your Fashionphile Account or click “Submit a Bag” on our Sell My Bag page for BuyBack.

While BuyBack policies may be “trending” right now (Patagonia just launched their Worn Wear program, The North Face introduced North Face Renewed, and IKEA has something called “Furniture Take Back”), we think this trend is one that’s going to stand the test of time. Consider it a new classic!