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Currently Trending: No Trends at All

Anna Schaefer
Contributing Writer.
Connoisseur of curated luxury.

“Currently Trending: No Trends at All”

Remember when trends were something younger women sought after, and more mature women grew out of? 


By that measure, I’d say that we’ve all grown up together — with an eye on slow-fashion choices, environmental sustainability, and well, wiser investments that will be a good choice next year, in five years, in ten years, and even beyond that. (With any luck, you’ll maintain that youthful glow for as long as your Louis or Hermes does.)


If this sounds a tad boring to you, consider this: It’s not dissimilar from buying a classic car, or better yet, a car that will become a classic. You’ve been freed from the frenetic world of micro-seasons, into the peaceful empire of everlasting classics. Of pieces that you actually can justify really investing in— and all in good conscience.


Best of all, fashion houses are supporting more sustainable models, by phasing out limited edition pieces, reducing the number of seasonal releases, and doubling down on the essentials, the tried-and-true pieces that have made their names what they are today.


So what are the most sustainable, evergreen classics out there? I’m glad you asked.

Classic Chanel Double Flap

As if having the word “classic” in the name wasn’t enough. A spin on Chanel’s first golden girl, the Chanel 2.55, the Classic Double Flap has been a well-loved favorite for nearly 40 years and doesn’t show any signs of letting up.


Established in 1792 in France, Goyard has never lost an ounce of its romantic roots — and probably never will. 

Louis Vuitton

It seems almost absurd to try to explain why Louis Vuitton has made this list. At least, in this case, brevity speaks volumes.

Herms Birkin & Kelly

“Coveted” would be the word that comes to mind. And while they’re often exceptionally hard to get your hands-on, FASHIONPHILE has quite the collection of Birkin bags and Kellys to choose from.

What is your favorite classic bag?

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