Hidden Romance: One More Reason to Love Chanel 2.55

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Hidden Romance: One More Reason to Love Chanel 2.55


Ahh… love letters. Penned sweet whispers- almost mythical in the digital age. Rare as they may be, the romance surrounding love letters endures. More precisely, their romance endures like the quality, allure, and value of a Chanel 2.55 bag. Discover Mademoiselle Coco’s wonderfully discreet interior pockets hidden beneath their top flaps. Love letter pockets. They have many uses, but the idea of a French bag linked to love is simply irresistible.

The 2.55 bag revolutionized handbags for women of high social status. Prior to its creation, handbags were heavy and unwieldy, yet society called for women to hold their bags in their hands. In February 1955 (get it? 2.55) Chanel produced the elegant designer shoulder bag, the stigma immediately dissolved.

Every 2.55 bag featured the Mademoiselle lock – a reference to the fact that Coco Chanel never married. The Mademoiselle lock is a minimal design featuring the word “CHANEL”.

Though she never married, she was not without exciting escapades. There was Étienne Balsan, a textile heir who helped her set up a millinery business, and then the aristocrat Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel (the inspiration for the Chanel Boy Bag) who loaned her the investment for her apparel business and first two boutiques. Coco Chanel even had relationships with royalty – the Duke of Westminster and the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII. We have her discretion-requiring love affairs to thank for Coco’s brilliant love letter pockets in each 2.55.

Stow your favorite love note inside- or, in right-hand ring fashion, write an encouraging note to yourself. It’s an independent self-love move reminiscent of the fearless fashion designer who would revolutionize all of our wardrobes – pant by pant, jacket by jacket – with easy-fit sportswear looks. Can you feel the love?

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