Men’s Guide to Stylish Shoes

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Men’s Guide to Stylish Shoes


For that guy who wants to look good 24/7, and very well might have the perfect tailored shirt, pants, and everything, it’s fair to say that an outfit really isn’t complete without a stylish pair of shoes. The great news? Shoes are super versatile and can easily dress up or dress down any look, effortlessly.

From leather loafers with luxe details to athletic-inspired designer sneakers with storied monograms, we’ve scoured the FASHIONPHILE site to bring you the ultimate guide to men’s shoes to ensure a stylish you for any event.


Have a dressier occasion, such as an important office meeting or a nice weekend wedding, and want a sensible yet chic option to pair with a nice pair of slacks and a jacket? Look no further than a loafer. With iconic staples from the likes of Gucci, with styles such as the Hyland and the Brixton that range from elegant, classic leather to bright, paisley patterns, a designer loafer is a sure-fire for keeping your style IQ high.

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Designer sneakers have been a major trend in the past years and we don’t see this shoe passion slowing down anytime soon. Ostensibly the ultimate way to style-up but dress-down a suit, or for those weekends out around the town paired with some athleisure – it’s official – designer sneakers are here to stay. With head-turning styles from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga, and even Chanel, a designer sneaker really amps up any ensemble and ensures a stylish, yet casual look.

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High Tops

With all the street style cool of a sneaker with a little extra added sartorial flair, high-tops are the shoe-lovers ultimate ace in their fashion deck. From gorgeous Louis Vuttion monograms in calfskin leather to ultra-fab canvas leopard numbers from Dior, a designer high top sneaker is an easy way to achieve contemporary sophistication with a slight edge.

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For those warmer weather days, when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, a designer sandal is a great strategy to add a chic touch to what otherwise might be a rather parsed-down outfit. Poolside days call for a designer sandal from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci are a guaranteed way to keep your cool.


Who needs laces anyway? Designer slip-on shoes have long been a favorite of the fashion glitterati. Ideal for fitting in a suitcase or for the guy with a super-packed schedule, designer slip-on shoes are a sure-fire way to keep you looking chic no matter what. From the iconic Gucci Princeton to noteworthy Fendi Monster, these designer slip-on shoes can’t lead you wrong.

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