2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Fact: the average mom these days deserves at least a medal or two.


But what can you get her that is even better? A gorgeous handbag she’s been eyeing for years on the other hand —- now that’s a different story.

Of course, no two mamas are alike, and we wouldn’t dare even try to compare. But the archetypes we admire do exist — this gift guide is inspired by the women we all admire and never quite know how to thank enough.

For the Classy-Chic Mom

She wore silk long after most moms had exchanged theirs for joggers. She’s always taught you that the way you present yourself matters — and that you teach people how to treat you. Naturally, you learned your best fashion tips from her subtle (or not so subtle?) hints and how-tos. You’re also likely to make her day with these top picks.

Louis Vuitton By the Pool

These colors exude not just spring, but a general sense of both optimism and refinement. Also, confidence — something the Giant Monogram collection captures quite well. These baby blue hues feel so lush and so fresh, while the pink and cream-colored selections are ultra-feminine. It’s almost hard to gift away — almost.

Celine Belt Cabas Phantom

If she’s like the rest of us, this piece has likely been a top-wish list item for a while now, and one that hasn’t lost its shimmer. In fact, she may already own one in black or grey. For this Mother’s Day, it’s especially alluring in vibrant colors like sunflower.

Chanel 19 Quilted Flap

The Chanel 19 quilted flap is about as luxurious as it gets. It exudes the charm of a Sunday brunch or a soiree on a summer’s eve. Honestly, feeling a bit nostalgic just looking at it.

For the Do-Everything Mama

Perhaps no one deserves celebrating (and indulging) more than this woman. She does it all, for everyone— and none of us quite know how she pulls it off. (Some days, she probably doesn’t know either). Her perfect gift is something luxurious that she can actually use on a day-to-day basis. A way to spruce up her routine and bring some much-warranted beauty to otherwise mundane moments.

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Totes

Such a perfect balance — quite useful, beautiful, and refined, but can still withstand an aggressive scrubby sponge. The Neverfull and the Girolata both strike me as noteworthy options.

Goyard Saint Louis Totes

The Goyard Saint Louis tote is practical yet so elevated — exactly what she needs for grocery runs, walks to the park, the dreaded carpool line, and anything else life may unceremoniously ask of her.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Totes

Brilliant, timeless — always a good idea. If it got Angelina Jolie through motherhood, then who are we to second guess? Available in both demure and very bright hues, you can get this particular tote in almost any color of the rainbow. Beige or taupe for the more subdued among us, bright fuschia or bandana studded for the more adventurous types.

For the Bold, Unapologetic Mama

For the woman who had children, but didn’t lose herself in the process. She’s bound to stand out at a PTA meeting, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, she kind of lives for that stuff. She’s most likely to be thrilled by a gift that’s unexpected — a piece that none of her friends have (at least not in that color.)

Hermes Jige Elan Clutch

This style is a date night kind of piece. A kids-flew-the-nest-and-I’m-permanently-on-vacation kind of piece. Personally, I love it in “pourpre” or in tantalizingly vibrant orange. Not to mention, for Hermes, it’s very reasonable in price. And anyway, she’s worth every penny.

Balenciaga Ville Top Handle (Small)

The shoulder strap and roomy interior make this piece practical(ish). The bold colors and structure make it…her own. It’s stunning in blue canopee or Rouge coquelicot. The style is also available in XXS (which contrary to what the name might suggest, actually isn’t that small).

Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor

Depending on the generation she hails from, these pieces might also carry some hardcore nostalgia — in the best way. The multicolor Louis Vuitton Alma conjures memories of the early 2000s when Paris Hilton was still making the tabloids. The same goes for the multicolor Speedy in black canvas. Bring back some sweet nostalgia — she’ll thank you later.

Still not quite sure what to get her? Help her buy what she wants with a FASHIONPHILE gift card! Or, is she a new mom? We have a great post on the best totes to carry all mama-related things – effortlessly! No matter what you get her, a luxurious surprise from FASHIONPHILE will make her day.
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