Mastering the Types of Chanel Iridescent Leather

lifestyle image of model holding chanel iridescent coco handle bag FASHIONPHILE

Metallic moments and irresistible iridescence. In the world of Chanel, things are looking bright.


The season of iridescence, and bold bright hues, is officially upon us. With pastels for winter (groundbreaking, yes), and sparkly everything, there is no doubt that a trend is on the rise if not already. And other brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior are catching on. But no one does it quite like Chanel. Allow us to explain… 

If you don’t have a close relationship with a sales advisor (SA), Chanel colors can be hard to come by – especially when you’re added to a waitlist. But iridescent colors? If you’re not VIP,  those can be nearly impossible to get. Don’t fret though, FASHIONPHILE sources these coveted bags from some of the best closets just for you. 

It goes without saying, Chanel’s iridescent handbags and accessories are all the rage, and they’re *100* worth it. After all, these pieces are pretty special. The final touch applied to the leather makes the colors stand out in an entirely unique way. For instance, you may like Chanel pinks, but an iridescent Chanel pink from the popular series in 2019 will look unlike any other pink out there.   

We all know Chanel’s iridescence is nothing new.  However, they just keep getting better year after year. Even though most sell out upon release, the best part is that you can find these pieces at FASHIONPHILE. So if you’ve been dreaming about it, this is your sign to stand out this season. Read on to discover iridescent color comparisons and learn about the materials you can expect to find available in Chanel iridescence.  

Comparing Purple Chanel Iridescents by Season

Although Chanel iridescent leathers come in a variety of colors, purple is particularly captivating (hello Very Peri), especially when comparing Chanel purple to previous seasons. The 21K and 22C collections are full of metallics, even the hardware has a unique metallic touch. Some of our favorites, as seen on top Chanel styles like the Wallet on Chain and Coco Handle, feature pink and purple gradient CC hardware. And we’re most excited about seeing more iridescent caviar for the 22P collection (Spring/ Summer Act 1). 

Speaking of Chanel’s 22P collection, their iridescent caviar in blue looks more like purple when it hits the light. When comparing that with the light purples from Chanel’s 21K collection in iridescent calfskin and metallic calfskin, you’ll notice no two are alike. The beauty of these is that depending on how the light hits it, and how the leather is cut, you get hints of certain colors more than others.  With that in mind, in choosing metallics and iridescent, you’re almost getting one in a million. 

product image of Chanel Iridescent double flap 22P in Blue FASHIONPHILE
22P CHANEL Iridescent Caviar in Dark Blue
product image of CHANEL Iridescent Calfskin Quilted Medium Chanel 19 Flap Light Purple Blue FASHIONPHILE
22P CHANEL Iridescent Calfskin in Light Purple Blue
product image of CHANEL Iridescent Calfskin Quilted Mini Rectangular Flap Light Purple FASHIONPHILE
21K CHANEL Iridescent Calfskin in Light Purple
The Chanel WOC in Metallic Calfskin: same, same, but different. 
product image of CHANEL Gradient Metallic Calfskin Quilted Wallet On Chain WOC Silver Blue Yellow Purple at FASHIONPHILE
21K CHANEL Metallic Calfskin in Silver Blue Yellow Purple
product image of CHANEL Gradient Metallic Calfskin Quilted Wallet On Chain WOC Silver Blue Yellow Purple at FASHIONPHILE
21K CHANEL Metallic Calfskin in Silver Blue Yellow Purple

Comparing the same purple on different textiles is also worth exploring. For instance, lambskin versus caviar. If you prefer a softer textile and want the color to really shine, the iridescent lambskin is for you. If you prefer something a little more pigmented with a subtle sheen, the iridescent caviar is quite the catch! This one is particularly unique because it noticeably changes color depending on the angle you’re looking at it. 

product image of CHANEL Iridescent Lambskin Quilted Medium Double Flap Purple at FASHIONPHILE
20K CHANEL Iridescent Lambskin in Purple
product image of CHANEL Iridescent Caviar Quilted Mini Coco Handle Flap Purple at FASHIONPHILE
20K CHANEL Iridescent Caviar in Purple

Determining Which Chanel Iridescent Leather Is Right For You

When choosing Chanel textiles, there are endless options out there. Chanel iridescent leathers come in calfskin, lambskin, goatskin, and caviar (which is a type of grained calfskin iconic to Chanel). You’ll also find metallic goatskin and these have a more obvious metallic finish compared to their iridescent counterparts. 

Regular lambskin has a reputation for being quite fragile. Iridescent lambskin, however, due to the sheen, can better hide any visible flaws over time. But the more durable options are iridescent calfskin and iridescent caviar. Most of these textiles, even without the iridescent layer, are better at concealing everyday wear – which, at the end of the day, is what makes Chanel so worthwhile! 

Pro tip: When shopping for your Chanel iridescent bag, keep in mind that there are many different variations of iridescent caviar and iridescent calfskin. Say what? Well, some iridescent caviar can exhibit a suede-like appearance with a matte/ sheen finish. So heads up, these are more prone to color transfer if not stored away properly. Other iridescent caviar items may have subtle glittery specks on them, whereas some iridescent calfskin appear more fabric-like, or exhibit the traditional look of calfskin. It all depends on your personal preference, so pay close attention to our product images and if you ever have any questions, our Personal Shoppers are here to help

Determining the right colors and textiles for you is a big part of the decision process when it comes to purchasing anything ultra-luxury. In the case of Chanel, iridescent leather is a great way to stand out, showcase your personality, and of course, ensure a smart and valuable investment over time.  Shop all pre-loved Chanel at FASHIONPHILE.