Tiffany Lock Bracelets: How to Open, Close, and Find the Right Fit

Tiffany Lock Bracelets: How to Open, Close, and Find the Right Fit

A new bracelet has entered the chat… The Tiffany Lock bracelet has us all in awe, but most of all, wondering what size will fit!


Since the bracelet’s debut on the wrists of our favorite stars, it’s clear that this piece of jewelry is worth shopping for, but to find the right fit, there are a few details to buckle down on first. That is, gauging size options available to you and understanding how to open and close the Tiffany Lock bracelet. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Tiffany Lock Bracelet Sizes

Like all bracelets, the Tiffany Lock bracelet comes in different sizes. However, unlike similar styles like Cartier LOVE bracelets which are assigned numerical sizes, you’ll notice Tiffany assigns their Lock bracelet sizes as Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Many of us could likely estimate the right fit if these sizes pertained to apparel. But what do these sizes mean for Tiffany? Let us break it down for you.

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How to determine your Tiffany Lock size?

As you can see, each size fits up to a certain wrist circumference, according to Tiffany. But a quick and easy way to determine which Tiffany Lock bracelet size is best for you is to measure your own wrist before you buy. Don’t bother guessing! All you need is a measuring tape; measure the circumference of the wrist area in inches where you want the bracelet to fit comfortably. When you have that number (again, ensure you’re measuring in inches), you can refer to the size chart above to determine which Tiffany Lock size tier you fall under.  

Pro tip: Knowing your wrist measurement (regardless of the size tier) will prove helpful to you when the time comes to shop for Tiffany pieces. When shopping for Tiffany Lock bracelets at FASHIONPHILE, cross reference your own wrist circumference with our circumference measurement listed beneath the product description to determine the size of the bracelet and whether or not it will fit you. 

You’re ready to shop for the Tiffany Lock bracelet when you know what size fits. But once you buy it and have it in hand, do you even know how to put it on? Keep reading to learn how to open and close the Tiffany Lock bracelet. 

Opening and Closing the Tiffany Lock Bracelet

Ah, the fun part! Although the bracelet has a hidden closure, opening and closing the Tiffany Lock bracelet is not as tricky as it may seem. The Tiffany Lock features an innovative swiveling mechanism that mimics the function of a padlock. We already know this jewelry piece is special, but something worth noting is that its unique clasp took Tiffany over a year to develop! Although perfecting this was time-consuming for Tiffany artisans, opening and closing on your part will take seconds! Here are the steps to open and close the Tiffany Lock bracelet:

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  1. Locate the notch indicated by a small indent. The notch is only on one side of the bracelet.
  2. Gently pull outward from either side of the notch. The bracelet will swivel open.
  3. Place the bracelet on your wrist. Using your wrist for tension, carefully pull from the notch again, swivel the two ends together, and release to close the bracelet.
  4. The bracelet should only be opened and closed from the notch.

For something as new as the Tiffany Lock bracelet, it’s always a good idea to buckle down on the details before buying. When you know your fit, what size you want, and how to open and close the Tiffany Lock bracelet, you’re golden!

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