It’s All in the Wrist

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Gentlemen, have you considered a wrist bag?

Traditionally speaking, bags for men often find themselves parked across one’s shoulder or nestled in one’s hand. However, ultra-luxe bags for men that hang from the wrist, incredibly suavely and casually, are an up-and-coming style staple for any in-the-know guy. 

Wrist bags (or pouchettes as they are sometimes referred to) are perfect for carrying the everyday essentials: phone, keys, wallet, and sunglasses. Hanging from the hand, and often, let’s face it, slightly neglected sartorial spot in the men’s style deck, a luxury wrist bag is the absolute perfect accessory to add that “special something” to any ensemble.  

Wrist bags are definitely trending and there truly is no better way to mix it up and stay lightweight. For a guy on the go with a lot of things going on, the wrist bag holds the essentials in a way that one can only describe as “perfectly posh.” 

Accordingly, we’ve rounded up several of the top wrist bag styles from our beloved brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Bottega Veneta. And, with a stylish flick of the wrist, let’s begin…

The Louis Vuitton Pochette Volga 

The ever-brilliant Virgil Abloh introduced the Pochette Volga at the Spring-Summer 2019 Louis Vuitton show. The release sparked an immediate splash and one can easily see why. Drawing inspiration for its name from the Volga river, the longest waterway in Europe that primarily snakes through Russia, this very chic pouch comes in a variety of colors, gorgeous materials, and patterns. All Pochette Volga bags feature a wristlet strap, a zipper top for storing things safely, an inside compartment perfect for storing those essentials, and a signature matte chain link – a contemporary and cosmopolitan nod that is nothing less than quintessential Virgil. 

Oftentimes, the matte chain link will be in the same color as the Volga itself, such as a blue-on blue-moment. At other times, it will provide an extremely “au currant”  pop of contrast. For instance, a classic coffee-toned Louis Vuitton offset by a hyper eye-catching bright orange matte chain. A feast for the eyes and a sure-to-be showstopper where classic Parisian elegance meets Brooklyn-chic street style. 

Volgas come in the classic Louis Vuitton monogram pattern, finished often in Eclipse coated canvas or in Taurillon, a leather that is both grainy and soft. The colors come in every hue of the rainbow: white, black, brown, red, blue, and more. Monogram and monochrome. Beyond the traditional models, more lux options include the crocodile-embossed pochette, the total and utter eye-candy PVC iridescent prism version (which sparkles with gorgeous greens and purples in the light). 

product image of Louis Vuitton Pochette Volga FASHIONPHILE

Of course, there are many more unique and rare styles for this gem of a bag.  And beyond the classic wrist moment, Volgas also come as belt bags, equipped with a super-chic waist strap, perfect for the guy on the go. 

Style tip:
When styling the Volga, it’s all in the wrist. We recommended letting the bag be the accent point of any ensemble. Consider wearing neutrals and letting the Volga stand out as a pop of fabulosity. 
Resale Pro-tip:
The rarer the style, the higher the resale value! Don’t see the exact shade that you have your eye on? Set up a new item alert and be the first to have a chance to nab it!  

The Dior Saddle Wristlet 

One can’t say much more about the Dior Saddle bag than has already been expounded upon before, in-depth. The Dior Saddle, inspired by everything equestrian in terms of its silhouette and aura, is a veritable street-style darling, gracing the shoulders of everyone from fictitious characters like Carrie Bradshaw to your favorite fashion blogger blowing up on TikTok. 

With Kim Jones at the helm of Dior, a slew of wonderfully creative re-imaginings of the Dior saddle have emerged, oftentimes hand-in-hand in collaboration with art world luminaries such as Kaws, Sorayama (where they made a $35,000 limited edition metallic saddle bag – talk about chic!), and Peter Doig to name a few.

The Dior Saddle Wristlet is a twist on the classic silhouette, often featuring the brand’s archetypical Dior monogram. The bag sports sumptuous black-grained calfskin leather and a lustrous CD polished silver buckle. Needless to say, this mini-guy is the perfect ultra-luxury and ultra-versatile accessory for grabbing a cold brew in the morning or showing up at a fancy dinner soiree anywhere from Beverly Hills to Bogota. A true 10 in the stylebook of like.

Like all wrist bags, the bag can be worn as either a clutch or a wristlet. Style wise, hanging the bag from your wrist as you walk from the car to your destination is an effortless and sure-fire way to turn heads. We recommend a more muted outfit to pair with the Dior Wristlet to really let it stand out and shine.

product image of black leather Dior Saddle wristlet bag FASHIONPHILE

Bottega Veneta BV Twist 

Sporting the signature Maxi Intrecciato design, nothing screams more luxe than the Bottega Veneta Mini Triangle AG Paper clutch bag. A close cousin, the Bottega Veneta BV Twist, is a guaranteed show-stopper. The brand’s completely iconic style is woven to full effect in this triangular wristlet pouch, reminiscent of a pyramid. 

Available in the brand’s ultra-haute vibrant green hue, dubbed “Bottega Green” by netizens and tweeters around the globe, this sculptural accessory is a must-have for any die-hard Bottega fan.

All in all, when they say it is all in the wrist, we really believe that holds true, especially when it comes to stylish investments. Wrist bags are the perfect accessory for the guy on the go and we only expect them to increase in popularity and value as time goes on. 

product image of black intrecciato bottega veneta BV twist FASHIONPHILE

So, what are you waiting for? Your wrist begging for an ultra-luxe handbag. Now is the perfect time to nab a wrist bag at FASHIONPHILE. Shop all wristlets and share your pics with us on social using #Fashionphile. Don’t forget to tag us!  

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