Style on Set: The Ultra-Luxe Curation

Style on Set behind the scenes in the making of FASHIONPHILE commercial featuring Kim Wright

Style On Set

FASHIONPHILE is the premier destination for buying and selling 100% authentic pre-owned ultra-luxury handbags, accessories, jewelry, and watches. From the thousands of items in our inventory, our latest commercial features a number of coveted designer brands, all hand-picked for their timeless appeal and investment-worthy status.

Both on and off-screen these curated products are so alluring; the merchandise practically enticed everyone on set to stop and play dress up! And speaking of merchandise, how about a little show and tell? We’re taking you behind the scenes to talk all things product with our very own Kim Wright – FASHIONPHILE’s Site Merchandising Manager. Get your “following list” ready because we’re about to give you an exclusive glimpse inside the world of ultra-luxury merchandising and everything you need to know about the style on set (and the pieces you need to add to cart, of course). 

Style On Set, Behind The Scenes FASHIONPHILE
Style On Set, Behind The Scenes

How did you approach the styling for this commercial / what was your inspiration?

I first approached the product selections by an analytical method. I reviewed metrics on our best-selling brands and products to ensure we showcased what our customers love and buy the most. I also pulled inspiration from fashion blogs and articles that I follow on a daily basis. And of course, looking to top influencers especially to see what bags are hot and thriving in the social spaces.

Style On Set, Behind The Scenes
Style On Set, Behind The Scenes

What products came to mind when pulling pieces to tell our story?

Our tried and true bags are the Chanel Double Flap, Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis, and the Hermes Birkin 30. I also wanted to include some designer watches and fine jewelry, as well as fun options like the Bottega Veneta Jodie Hobo, Fendi Baguette, and Balenciaga Hourglass

Style On Set, Behind The Scenes
Style On Set, Behind The Scenes

Was there a piece you wish you could have taken home with you? If so, what and why?

The Chanel 19. It’s my dream bag that I need to work up the courage to invest in. I love that it’s a modern take on the classic Chanel Double Flap bag. 

What was your most challenging/ rewarding moment on set? 

There were very few challenging moments. I’d say just the initial set-up and organizing of all the products we brought was slightly overwhelming at first but, we had such a collaborative team that made everything easy once we got in the groove of things. 

The most rewarding moments were watching the takes over the monitor and seeing the vision, styling, and products come together in an artful way. It was also very rewarding to be able to work with such talented people and bonding with the teams.

Style On Set, Behind The Scenes
Style On Set, Behind The Scenes

With a coveted collection of your own, have you thought about selling one of your items to buy something else? If so, what piece is top of mind?  

Absolutely! I’m an avid reseller and am always looking for my next bag. Top of mind for my next bag is the Saint Laurent Le 5 A 7 Shoulder bag. It’s the perfect everyday bag to dress up or down, small enough to not be in the way but roomy enough to fit all my essentials and a timeless classic style to wear for years.   

Our new commercial is full of the best, expertly sourced, 100% authentic products you can buy. Watch the video, here.