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The Burberry Checks are up there in icon status with the likes of Louis Vuitton Monogram and the Chanel CCs. There is more than meets the eye with Burberry Checks, though. Here, we break down the history, and the different types of iconic Checks you may see from this historically popular house.   

When Burberry comes to mind, we instantly imagine traditional tartan patterns and London-esque attire. After all, the name is synonymous with class and iconic British heritage. Even more so, it is a brand with an enormous rich history. Founded just two years after Louis Vuitton in 1856 by Thomas Burberry (at just twenty-one years old), Burberry takes pride in its military roots and its commitment to technological advancements and sustainability. In fact, they have a goal “to procure 100% of electricity from renewable resources to power its whole business by 2022” – and that’s right about now. 

When it comes to investing in ultra-luxury, Burberry is a coveted brand with quality-made products that never go out of fashion. Their pieces not only hold value for a long time, but Burberry makes luxury accessible. 

From A Trench Coat To A Full-Fledged Fashion House

What’s worthy of remembrance is the revolutionary invention of the trench coat by Thomas Burberry himself – founder and mastermind behind the house of Burberry. Cut from gabardine, the world’s first water-resistant fabric ever to be invented and used still to this day, the trench coat (and many items succeeding that) represent the heart of Burberry and everything we love about its unique craftsmanship. Today the trench coat is one of the world’s most distinctive and enduring pieces over a century old that continues to define the house of Burberry.

The Creative Reigns of Burberry 

For many years, Christopher Bailey led the vision for Burberry and elevated the brand to new heights. And since 2018, Ricardo Tisci ran the creative behind the internationally proclaimed fashion house but recently stepped down. Now, Daniel Lee has been named Burberry’s next Chief Creative Officer. His reputation for reviving Bottega Veneta has the world guessing what he will do for Burberry. 

It’s worth remembering that under Ricardo Tisci, the iconic Burberry Check has been modernized in so many gorgeous ways. Despite its many transformations, the Check continues to embody an important and irreplaceable house code.

The Burberry Check was first created in 1920 used to line its trench coats. Then in the 1960s, thanks to Jacqueline Dillemman’s flash of inspiration, the Burberry Check became a staple in nearly every piece of clothing, as well as small leather goods and accessories. Most notable, the introduction of Burberry Check umbrellas and the Check scarf, which came about in 1967 and skyrocketed in demand – officially putting Burberry on the map.  

Check, Check, Check

Even more so, the rise of the “logo wave” in the 90s placed Burberry on an entirely new platform allowing for the Check to thrive. The Check pattern, essentially a Scottish tartan design featuring red, black, and white stripes on a beige surface, quickly became ubiquitous amongst both UK and US fashion customers. Today, A-list tastemakers like Billie Eilish, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna, effortlessly rock the trademark pattern, thus reinforcing the power of street style and its influence on fashion.  

Most Burberry Check patterns are printed on canvas material, making them easy to clean. Some Burberry handbags and accessories are also printed on coated canvas, making them resistant to staining and wear.  The most common Check colors are camel, stone, navy, and antique yellow. 

House Check – is a classic Check.

Vintage Check – is a throwback pattern brought back in current collections.

Haymarket Check – features the distinguished equestrian knight logo throughout. 

Nova Check – a diagonal print Check. 

An honorable mention: The TB monogram. Introduced in 2018 in collaboration with famed graphic designer Peter Saville, the TB monogram print pays homage to the founder, Thomas Burberry, and some of the brand’s original drawings while delivering a playful spin on the distinguished logo. From scarves to handbags you can find this logo adorned as a pattern alongside iconic Check prints or as glistening hardware such as a buckle closure. 

Iconic Burberry Handbags & Accessories 

The Pocket Bag

The Pocket bag is part of the Burberry Pocket Bag Collection, a design created by Ricardo Tisci inspired by the archives. It’s the perfect bag to tote around at work. It has plenty of room to store your iPad, your books, your wallet, and your keys. The entire collection consists of the Medium Pocket Tote, the Mini Pocket Bag, the Flat Pocket Bag, and the Mini Soft Pocket Tote.  

product image of Burberry Pocket tote FASHIONPHILE

The Olympia Bag

The Olympia bag is a new style featuring a crescent curve or a half-moon shape. You have definitely seen this bag, if not as an actual bag on Kendall Jenner, you may have seen the larger-than-life version drifting on the River Thames as part of their campaign capturing the essence of London. The silhouette is a true signature of the house. The bag is available in an assortment of colors. Sizes include Mini, Small, and Medium. These sizes feature chunky chain straps we can’t get enough of; others embrace the classic off-duty look with a leather strap. 

product image of Burberry Olympia Bag FASHIONPHILE
The Olympia Bag

The TB Bag

The TB bag has many looks that are absolutely swoon-worthy. Initially, the TB bag was designed as a crossbody. Now, you will notice the iconic TB logo embraced throughout many pieces designed under Ricardo Tisci. Some notable styles include but are not limited to the Chain TB bag, the Frances bag, and the newest TB Shoulder bag – a chic structured hobo-like style available in an array of gorgeous shades.

product image of Burberry TB Bag FASHIONPHILE

The Rucksack Backpack

An ‘It’ backpack that is actually functional. The rise in the popularity of nylon-based bags cannot be ignored. If you happen to find yourself surprised that nylon backpacks are making the cut, especially the Burberry Rucksack backpack, let Sarah Harris from British Vogue convince you to reconsider. It’s actually not that surprising. People like investing in practical pieces that suit life working on the go. Even though some of us are still working remotely,  the Burberry Rucksack backpack is perfect for those weekend adventures or carrying the essentials for coffee shop zoom meetings. Sizes include Small, Medium, and Large.

product image of Rainbow Check Burberry Rucksack Backpack FASHIONPHILE

Burberry Scarves & Bag Charms

Last but certainly not least, a Burberry scarf is without question. Want to customize your accessory? Add a Thomas Bear Bag charm

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