Iconic Virgil Abloh Pieces for Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh.

The name is like music to our ears. In the vast world of high fashion, Abloh quickly became a household name. Coined the modern-day Karl Lagerfeld, he was truly a celebrated designer and visionary figure. 

Put simply. He was gifted. He made history. All in all, his legendary work will be remembered. As we come to terms with his untimely passing, we’re taking a look back at his work for Louis Vuitton throughout his three-year reign. These pieces are, no doubt, iconic and celebrate the astounding contributions that Virgil Abloh made.


From a Young Boy to a Mastermind

When he succeeded as artistic director for menswear at Louis Vuitton in 2018,  the house grew undeniably stronger year after year. His achievements may outwardly have seemed like an overnight success. But we know, like all success stories, his journey was years in the making. 

From a young Chicago boy obsessed with everything fashion to an industry mastermind who rose to the top by embracing his Ghanaian roots. He victoriously reinvented old-school heritage, while still respecting the distinctions of the house. 

Abloh’s contributions have truly influenced the industry. Those utility-inspired accents celebrate his academic background in architecture, having completed a degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology. These early learning years awakened his former childhood dreams of becoming a designer. 

Also, thanks to Kanye West for cultivating Abloh’s creativity while he was an intern at Fendi. Since then, Abloh’s career skyrocketed. He grew his network, and his confidence – resulting in a number of impressive career moves throughout the years. To no surprise, he eventually launched his own brand, Off-White. 

The Most Iconic Styles Under Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh advocated for diversity and had the exceptional ability to transform classic house codes to reflect their multifaceted potential and suit modern-day trends. The revamped monogram Eclipse and the Monogram Eclipse Reverse (introduced during Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection for men) are iconic. They’re surely a twist on Kim Jones’ monochromatic moneymaker

Since Abloh’s passing, sales at FASHIONPHILE have gone up 50% more than average, which speaks to the ever-growing market demand for iconic styles produced by under-celebrated artistic directors. 

The Steamer 

The Louis Vuitton Steamer dates back to 1901 when it was first made to be an everyday messenger bag. This bag got a whole new look under Virgil Abloh for his Spring 2019 show, giving the Steamer updated features that include a gorgeous resin chain, a sturdier top handle, and a shoulder strap. The most common styles under the Steamer family are: the Steamer PM, the Steamer XS, the Pochette Steamer, and the Steamer Backpack. 

product image of LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Solar Ray Steamer PM FASHIONPHILE

The Soft Trunk 

The Soft Trunk is a soft-bodied box-shaped accessory. The family of men’s Trunk bags includes the Soft Trunk Messenger, the Mini Soft Trunk, the Soft Trunk Wallet, Trunk Pouch, and Card Holder. The wearable and modernized trunk concept, which borrows from Louis Vuitton’s roots in trunkmaking, is one of Virgil Abloh’s standout hits. Since the style’s debut in Spring 2019, many reiterations of this iconic silhouette have been made. The chunky resin chain accents totally scream Abloh and have become a signature included in many menswear pieces. 

product image of LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Eclipse Soft Trunk FASHIONPHILE

The Keepall 

This iconic weekender style is one of the originals produced in 1930 and introduced by Gaston Vuitton. Categorized under luggage, the Keepall is so legendary and durable you practically can tote it around wherever you go knowing it carries everything you need without fail. The Keepall comes in four sizes: 45, 50, 55, and 60. 

product image of Louis Vuitton Light Up Keepall Bandouliere 50

Virgil Abloh brought in countless reinterpretations of the Keepall during his reign as artistic director. Most notable include but are not limited to: the Light Up Keepall, the Felt Keepall (part of the “Felt line” using recycled and innovative materials), the Prism Monogram Keepall, and the Monogram See Through Keepall. These and more, including limited-edition collaborations, prove the Keepall is one of the most versatile and adaptable pieces for your wardrobe that you can buy. 

Though the fashion industry mourns the loss of a beloved trailblazer and icon, there is no doubt Virgil Abloh’s legacy will be everlasting and inspire generations to follow.