What is the Hermes Herbag?

beige hermes herbag zip handbag on figure in vache hunter leather and toile canvas

In search of something that screams Hermes but without the exorbitant price tag? We’ve got you.


Enter the Hermes Herbag, a true revelation for those seeking a touch of Hermes elegance on a more affordable scale. Designed as a distant cousin to the famed Hermes Kelly, the Herbag not only echoes the timeless appeal of its predecessor but also boasts a distinctive charm of its own. There is so much to know about the Herbag’s unique design and how it compares to the Kelly, the array of Herbag styles to choose from, and the varying sizes that cater to different preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned Hermes collector or curious about a smart entry into Hermes, the Herbag carries so much potential without breaking the bank.

The Design of the Hermes Herbag

The Hermes Herbag distinguishes itself with its firm but soft-bodied structure thanks to its luxurious toile canvas, which allows for a more casual and comfortable carrying experience. The Vache Hunter leather trim is impeccably crafted, exuding just enough chic without sacrificing the brand’s commitment to exceptional quality. 

Like its cousin, the Hermes Kelly, the Herbag boasts both a top handle and a shoulder strap, granting you the flexibility to wear it as a handbag or sling it effortlessly over your shoulder. One notable design element that sets the Herbag apart from other Hermes bags is its exposed back exterior pocket, giving it a unique “inside out” look. 

The Herbag also boasts yet another intriguing and distinctive element—an internal metal rod that serves as its bearing bones, akin to how a foundation supports a house. This remarkable feature allows for adjustability, enabling you to remove either the top handle or the shoulder strap according to your preference. The Herbag is such a unique bag as it’s almost like carrying a Kelly without the skin. 

Hermes Herbag Styles 

The Herbag line offers a range of stunning styles to suit various preferences. The Herbag Zip is likely what first comes to min, and it is a beloved option that features a sleek and streamlined silhouette along with a strap closure for added security. For those seeking a hands-free option, the Herbag Backpack offers both fashion and functionality, perfect for daily adventures. Meanwhile, the Herbag Cabas presents a roomier alternative with a spacious interior, making it an ideal choice for those who need to carry more than just the essentials.

HERMES Military Toile Vache Hunter Herbag Zip Retourne size 31 PM in the colors Vert Criquet and Black
Herbag Zip
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HERMES Toile Vache Calfskin Herbag 30 PM Backpack in the color Natural by fashionphile
Herbag Backpack
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HERMES Toile Vache Hunter Herbag Cabas MM in the color Black by fashionphile
Herbag Cabas
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Hermes Herbag Zip Sizes

With all the styles that the Hermes Herbag comes in, the Hermes Herbag Zip is likely top of mind because this style resembles the iconic Hermes Kelly. The Herbag Zip comes in several sizes: 31, 39, 50, and 52. The Herbag Zip 31 is the smallest, while the Herbag Zip 39 is the perfect middle. If you’re looking for travel-friendly options, the Herbag Zip Cabine 50 and Herbag Zip 52 are excellent choices, providing ample space for your belongings while ensuring you remain fashion-forward on the go.

HERMES Toile Officier Vache Hunter Verso Herbag Zip PM 31 in the colors Dune Magnolia Fauve by fashionphile
HERMES Toile Vache Hunter Herbag Zip 39 MM in the colors Cassis Fauve by fashionphile
HERMES Criss Viking Vache Hunter Herbag Cabin Zip Retourne 50 in the colirs Ecru Black by fashionphile

The Hermes Herbag is an elegant and budget-friendly option that shares many similarities to the iconic Hermes Kelly. Would you buy the Hermes Herbag?

Watch this video that compares the Hermes Herbag and Hermes Kelly:
For more insights into the fascinating world of Hermes, explore our anatomy guide offering a closer look at the Mini Kelly, or learn about the differences between Sellier and Retourne styles. If you’re ready to shop the Hermes Herbag or other 100% authentic pre-loved Hermes bags, visit FASHIONPHILE and indulge in luxury without compromise. Happy shopping! 
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