Styles We Love in Every Color

Bottega Veneta Shoulder Pouches

We take pride in flaunting all the colors of the rainbow.


And as far as luxury is concerned, buying the same bag in a new color (or you know, in every color) is a matter of efficiency and of knowing oneself. It’s quite admirable to spot individuals who know a good thing or two when they see it — and invest in said things without apology.

“Don’t you already have that piece?”

“Not in Scarlet Red, I don’t.”

If you own a neutral-toned accessory or a black bag that you love, the smartest way to make a ‘riskier’ investment is to start there. Sure, it’s a slightly adventurous (or even outrageous) color. But it’s also a piece you know you’ll love. Here are our current cult favs we’re eyeing right now, in nearly every color ultra-luxury has to offer.

Bottega Veneta purses and pouches

There are many things to love about Bottega Veneta, not the least of which is the vast array of colors the coin purses and pouches come in. That, and their natural ability to complete any look without looking overdone or overly complicated.

And any one of them would make your wardrobe instantly more interesting: the shoulder pouch, the chain pouch, or even a woven intrecciato pouch.

Bottega Veneta Pouch

Chanel Mini Rectangular Flaps

We love our classic Chanel flap bags in beige, but these tinier gems come in beautiful pastel colors, from pink to green, yellow, and blue. Not to mention, rainbow hardware. What better way to play it up with color than with Chanel’s mini rectangular flaps? You know, in this case, it really isn’t a risky purchase because all flaps retain their value for years to come. That’s what makes Chanel flaps such a worthy investment – and a perfect style to get in every color.

Chanel mini rectangular flap

Loewe Puzzle Bags

As hinted before, you can never go wrong with any Loewe bag in a neutral color. But why stop there, especially with the warmer months ahead? From scarlet red to electric blue, these bags take playful and exotic to levels most brands only aspire to.

(A good middle ground? Neutrals with color accents.)

Loewe Puzzle Bag

Saint Laurent Mini Lou Camera Bags

The rainbow continues, in equally vibrant hues — even the nudes and neutrals seem somehow luxe. This Eros Red is straight-up sultry and yet a tad romantic. Also a big fan of Marble Pink. This pink shade is perfect if you tend towards neutrals but are looking for a subtle splash of color this year.

Saint Lauren Mini Lou Camera Bag

Prada Tessuto Nylon Mini Re-Edition Bags

So adorably 2000’s and so unapologetically bold. A fan favorite is probably the 2000 re-edition in “Begonia,” but it’s really a matter of personal preference — and nostalgia. The “Rosso” (re: red) is fire-engine fierce, while “Astrale” is softer and more whimsical. The color naming adds something to the whole experience as if you have your pick of Italian daydreams, one more alluring than the next.

Let’s not forget the satin crystal variation. Although black, the crystals add a whole new layer of luxe. Just imagine wearing one of these on your arm all summer long; what a dream.

Prada Satin Crystal Mini Re-Edition Bag
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