My Experience Selling Using FASHIONPHILE’s Private Client Relations Service

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My Experience Selling Using FASHIONPHILE’s Private Client Relations Service.


I was so happy when I learned that FASHIONPHILE was launching a brand new Private Client Relations Service, (formerly known as White Glove), particularly during these extended I-shouldn’t-leave-the-house-days, and starting in Southern California.

I’ve been a big luxury and designer lover for years now. FASHIONPHILE not only has those amazing deals but also some rare you-don’t-see-these-very-often gems. Buying and selling on FASHIONPHILE for years, I was thrilled to try out their new Private Client Relations Service.

The process could not have been easier. I scheduled a complimentary appointment online at a day and time I knew I would be around and less busy. Beforehand, I had collected three or four items I was planning to sell and included their info when scheduling my appointment time.

On the day of my appointment, I received an email that they were on the way. Taking careful precautions during COVID-19 times, my masked Private Client Relations specialist carefully but quickly snapped pics of all my items and asked me for some very basic info on the items. I signed on their iPad, and just like that, I had an email receipt in my inbox with all the items that FASHIONPHILE grabbed that day. All in all, the whole appointment couldn’t have taken more than 15 minutes!

Less than a week later, I received a note from FASHIONPHILE that all my items had been processed and authenticated, and I could accept my buyout offers, which meant money in my pocket ASAP! I logged into My Account and, without hesitation, accepted the four buyout offers. Hello, shopping budget increase. As they say, the best way to justify buying another designer piece? Sell one first.

The Private Client Relations Service was so easy, and it made the selling process with FASHIONPHILE simple. From requesting a pickup time to the actual appointment to receiving payment, the whole experience was great!


Interested in scheduling a Private Client Relations Service appointment? Click here. Private Client Relations is only available in select areas in South Florida, Manhattan, and select areas of Southern California at this time.