5 Designer Ways to Look Posh on a Zoom Call

5 Designer Ways to Look Posh on a Zoom Call

Remember when you longed for WFH days the way you longed for three day weekends? Now that they’re more or less a way of life, the tables seem to have turned: eight months in, and our athleisure has lost a bit of its luster. We actually crave some (real) facetime — if for no other reason than to have something to get dressed for.


But one thing is for sure: in the name of fashion, we will always find a way. Given that zoom calls are often our closest thing to daily human interaction these days, it’s time we take those endless zoom calls a little more seriously.


We can think of at least five designer investments that will help elevate your look now, and still be a good idea long after we’re back to proper street style.

The Chanel Barrette

Whether you’re into inlaid metal glass, a gold chain, or even woven lambskin, this chic Chanel barrette is the new WFH equivalent of your Chanel boy bag. (And just as timeless.)

A Gucci Headband

One of my favorite things about Gucci is its sheer range — naturally, their Gucci headbands are definitely no exception. This silk monogram would look amazing with these classic Louis Vuitton gold hoops, while this clean linen herbarium is the perfect kind of feminine to complement these Chanel drop earrings.

A Chanel Brooch

Looking for something a little more refined than a hair clip? Sometimes it’s necessary — especially if you work in an industry that might not yet fully embrace 90’s-era girl glam. Luckily, FASHIONPHILE has just about every Chanel brooch you could imagine (or haven’t imagined yet.) Go for the classic monogram (in crystals, pearls, or pure gold) or opt for the full logo (re: like this one or this one set in black.)

A Cartier Watch

Nothing (literally nothing) catches the desktop light quite like the face of a classic Cartier watch. Except maybe a Rolex, if you’re ready for that level of bling-factor. Prefer something trendier? Gucci never fails to impress.

A Van Cleef & Arpels Pendant

Van Cleef & Arpels necklaces are such a simple, understated way to dress up a V-neck tee or even a blazer. They manage to add a finish to a look without making the whole thing seem overdone. If you woke up 10 minutes before your 9am stand-up and need a quick fix, a Van Cleef & Arpels pendant plus some red lip stain will always be it. (A solid stand-in: the Cartier LOVE necklace.)

Need a discount to justify a little spending?

FASHIONPHILE is offering up to 30% off certain pieces, including designer rings, scarves, and other WFH-friendly goodies.