Self-Gifting for Mother’s Day

Aside from motherhood, some of the best gifts are those we give ourselves.


As we gear up for Mother’s Day, one can expect a surplus of shopping guides catered to gifts for her. But if you’re a mom yourself, has it occurred to you to add yourself to the list, too? I sure hope so!

Whether you’re a new mom, a mom of five, or even a pet mom, indulging yourself in the finer things in life is totally non-negotiable. Because, well, only you know truly what you like… and you deserve it.

No matter what stage of motherhood, let’s normalize self-gifting! We rounded up some of the best little luxuries to gift yourself for Mother’s Day.

Does someone need a gift? Watch our Mother’s Day gift guide: 

If You Like Jewelry

Jewelry is incredibly symbolic, and from a self-gifting standpoint, a great way to honor yourself. The first designer that comes to mind should come to no surprise: Cartier.

The iconic Cartier Love bracelet, to quote, “is often bestowed on you by a lover and meant to be secured onto the wrist by said lover” (more on that, here). However, nothing says you can’t lavish yourself with one of your own as an expression of self-love. Equally sweet is anything from Tiffany – from their gorgeous Elsa Peretti heart pieces to diamond T wire bracelets.

Overall, fine jewelry makes a great choice and will always retain value due to the precious metals and stones present. It’s an investment you can enjoy now and sell later, or eventually pass along to your children in the future.

If You Like Shoes

As mothers, starting the day off on the right foot is without question. Elevate your “cool mom” status with a pair of designer sneakers from Balenciaga, Chanel, and more! The much-coveted streetwear of today isn’t dwindling down anytime soon. In fact, it’s so cool, that your mini-me may agree to post a photo with you online for the “sole purpose” (get it) of tagging the designer (#coolmom).

Another great option: slip-ons. They’re perfect for on the go, pair well with just about any wardrobe, and easily give the boost you need. Plus, hello comfort. You can go from work, picking up the kids, to hosting dinner all in the same pair of shoes.

The Princetown Slippers from Gucci are available in endless textile options that you can choose from. From fur-lined, gingham canvas, to velvet and more- you can never go wrong with a pair of designer slippers. They might just be all you need to bring your A-game to that next mandatory parent-teacher conference.

If You Like Handbags

Totes aren’t considered “little luxuries” per se, but they are essential. They also pair beautifully with a chic designer bag charm or decorative twilly scarf for a splash of color. If you converted your favorite go-to designer bag to fulfill all things mom life, chances are it’s well worn. These add-on accessories can sure help breathe some new life.

Pst, in the event you’re looking to part ways with your bag, you can submit it to us for a quote request. You might make something you could put towards your new upgrade! Read the best totes for moms for more ideas.

Chanel Quilted Grand Shopping Tote FASHIONPHILE

If You Like Pet Accessories

Hello, devout pet moms. We may buy all the USA-made bones and chewies, and splurge on endless organic grain-free cookies, but nothing quite beats the joy of pampering our fur babies, right? Arguably, this falls under self-gifting because doing so is purely for our enjoyment.

Just seeing your sweet pooch flaunting his new Goyard collar at the dog park, or carrying your little companion nestled inside a Louis Vuitton pet carrier, totally heightens the pet mom experience! And as a pet mom of three, I wholeheartedly understand.


Ah, and let’s not forget that blissful feeling when you read “your item has been delivered” – a feeling we know all too well here at FASHIONPHILE. Shopping with FASHIONPHILE gift cards is arguably the best (and easiest) way to get closer to your wishlist item without wasting time hoping someone else will get the memo and buy it for you. Because, to be frank, you probably already have something particular in mind. Gift cards also make the FAQs from loved ones weeks prior so much simpler to answer (and, quite honestly, simpler for them too). It’s a win, win!

Whether you’re going to make your teenager envious with your new HG accessory or you’re still packin’ diapers, but now in designer – you deserve something nice this year! Happy shopping!
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