The Hands-down Best Designer Totes for New Moms

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The Hands-Down Best Designer Totes for New Moms


Becoming a mama changes so many things — the extent of which I could not even begin to cover in this little post. Among a long and sometimes personal list, is an important one: your handbag.

We give up so much when we enter the uncharted terrain of motherhood, that the least we can do is retain our style — while juggling diapers and the reality of spit-up, juice cups, and other mama-related things that threaten the very existence of our most cherished leather of course.

So as you look to invest in the bag that perfectly suits this new phase of life let’s take a look at the top three options that will serve you well now, and long after your little one has outgrown their Huggies.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Yes, I know. You already knew this one was coming. How could you not? It’s insanely popular for good reason — for work, babies, and just general life stuff.

Why? Well, the most obvious reason is right there in the name. It holds everything — from diapers and blankies to a laptop or extra pair of shoes — and doesn’t lose its shape or pretty form with use.

Which brings me to my next point: it’s crazy durable. (Arguably the most durable option on the market.) The coated canvas is easy to wipe clean. The handles are treated leather that won’t discolor when touched by unfortunate sticky things (#momlife).

Perfect as a day bag or a diaper bag, it also translates well for a baby and beyond. When your little one grows past the need for diapers and cheerios, it’ll still be fresh, stylish, and useful for work, life, and well — anything else.

Sizes: PM, MM, and GM

Colors: Damier Azur, Damier Ebene, Monogram (plus seasonal variations)

If you want something similar, but a little more structured and with a secure zip-top, you could also consider the Louis Vuitton Luco or the Louis Vuitton Mezzo. Just take note that these both have vachetta leather, which is oh-so-beautiful, but requires more care and can stain. Ditto the Louis Vuitton Estela, which is slightly smaller but endlessly chic.

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Goyard Saint Louis

A little less common than the Neverfull, the Goyard Saint Louis is another designer tote option for new mamas and mamas-to-be that is perhaps a little more likely to stand out from the crowd.

One of my favorite things about it are all the distinct colors it comes in — particularly of note are the two-tone black color combinations (re: black violet, black Tiffany blue, etc.), which really elevate the look of the bag and make it feel distinctive. It’s the sort of bag that might inspire a pleasantly surprised “Oh, where did you get that?” from a fellow stroller pusher.

With coated canvas and treated leather handles, it’s equally kid-safe — though it was originally designed to be a beach bag, so I wouldn’t recommend overstuffing it or toting terribly heavy things in it.

It’s just slightly smaller than the Louis Vuitton Neverfull (the GM is comparable to the MM in the Neverfull) and has a beautiful colorful interior.

The interior is simpler, with no pockets or D rings, but it does include a nice attached pouch — and you could also get a bag organizer like this or this one made specifically for Goyard bags, which I’d recommend no matter which bag you choose.

Sizes: PM & GM

Colors: red, grey, green, black, blue, navy, yellow, black/ gold, black/ blue, black violet, black/ yellow – and more limited editions.

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The Dior Book Tote

I’ll admit it — I had my doubts about whether Dior could show up for a soon-to-be/new-to-be mom. Their designs are often so luxe, and even a little outlandish, that I just wasn’t sure they could pass as practical even on a very optimistic day (which, of course, this is one.)

Happy to report, the Christian Dior Book Tote has delightfully surprised me. Its sheer size makes it a strong contender to the Neverfull, with the size small holding about the same value as the Neverfull MM, while the standard size is, well, wonderfully large; great for a blankie or lightweight items that require more space. It’s also got a very sturdy and structured feel, and I feel oddly secure in my ability to rely on it.

The handles are quite short and padded, which makes them comfortable and a little more secure, though not ideal if you tend to overstuff things.

Best of all, there’s a good chance you’ll be the only mom you know with one (unless perhaps, your friends are on this same newsletter list…)

It comes in a zillion beautiful prints that I won’t list here, but that you can peruse for yourself. It also comes in a wide range of fabric options — denim and embroidered likely being among the most durable.

Sizes: mini, small, regular

Colors: seasonal, so many options! (re: grey, black, pink, blue, etc.)

product image of christian dior book tote FASHIONPHILE
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