Shape up This Season! Geometric-Shaped Accessories to Add-to-Bag

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Ready to get into shape? Full disclosure, this post isn’t about shapewear or a boot camp class. But it’s better (duh). 


Think triangular and cylindrical bags and heart-shaped accessories. What’s not to love? 

Geometric-shaped accessories are here to help you and your closet get in the best shape this season (well, figuratively). Whether these pieces inspire you to redefine your style or encourage you to branch out to new territory, these “out-of-the-box” handbag silhouettes are perfect for elevating your game!

In efforts to motivate your shopping cart (challenge accepted), we’ve rounded up some of the top styles in all the best shapes that you need to buy stat! 

Geometric-Shaped Styles To Buy 

Circular Bags 

Round, circular, cylindrical you name it. Ready to give your closet a little spin? This silhouette is a spring and summer staple. Telfar, one of our newest brands added to our designer directory, recently released a circular bag that made its debut during New York Fashion Week. It’s a hot “new bag on the block” according to Highsnobiety. If you love the brand too, be sure to browse our curated selection of Telfar and set up an item alert for your favorite styles! 

At FASHIONPHILE you can find the latest circular bags from all the brands you love. Gucci, Celine, Chanel, and more. These spherical handbags are rising in popularity and offer that perfect playful touch to your everyday look.  

Shopping Tip – If by chance you’re looking for a really outlandish accessory, consider Louis Vuitton’s soccer ball. Leave it to LV to continuously release the most unique items to keep our wardrobes guessing! And they just so happen to make the best gifts for that “hard-to-shop-for” person. 

Square Bags

Boxing? Can’t help you there. But box bags? We’ve got this. Hopefully, you’ve heard of box bags, as this stand-out silhouette is truly a classic. If you’re feeling the itch, a classic box bag is a no-brainer. They’re incredibly versatile and can easily transform your look from day to night. 

The box bag style was really made popular by Louis Vuitton. Go figure. Their roots trace back to travel and trunkmaking. And today Louis Vuitton box bags, and others from Hermes, Celine, and more, continue to stand out as a beloved structured silhouette that anyone can pull off! 

Triangular Bags

It’s time for a quick fit check. Triangular influences are quickly emerging in the fashion scene. The prevalence of this silhouette is apparent now more than ever. Prada’s triangle bag, in particular, is the talk of the town. Dare I say, if Gigi Hadid wears hers and Tom Holland promotes it, then you know it’s A-list-approved. 

Understandably so, this silhouette may initially come across as an impractical choice. But it really is a game-changer in terms of a statement – and it’s actually quite reasonable. According to The Cut, triangle bags are the “cool new bag shape to give your outfit some edge.” And if you’re not quite ready to take the leap, there are many handbag options available to shop that feature triangular elements but still embody more traditional silhouettes. 

Heart-shaped Bags

If you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, maybe it’s time to carry one? Heart-shaped bags are the go-to silhouette to rock this season. If by chance you’re following the latest street style trends, then you know this shape is a must-have. Thanks to Chanel for leading the love movement, and releasing the very much-needed heart bags for Spring 2022.   

These small, but effective, upgrades to your collection can take you to the next level. When it comes to building your ultra-luxury collection, there are so many pieces in various shapes and sizes to choose from. From typical everyday silhouettes to uniquely constructed pieces such as the Balenciaga Hourglass. Be sure to read more about crescent-shaped bags

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