Is the Loewe Puzzle Edge replacing the original Puzzle bag?

Comparing the Loewe Puzzle bag with the Puzzle Edge bag by FASHIONPHILE

Is Loewe discontinuing the original Puzzle bag? Here’s what we know.


There is much speculation going around about the discontinuation of the Loewe Puzzle bag and whether or not the bag will be replaced by the Puzzle Edge. From what we know, there seems to be some truth to the rumors. Since its introduction in 2014, the Puzzle style has endured, albeit with occasional design modifications, leading many shoppers to raise questions about the bag’s status, design upgrades, and perceived value. So, let’s dive in! 

What is happening to the Puzzle bag?

The Loewe Puzzle Bag Is Not Discontinued (Yet)

Facts. While circumstances do suggest that the Puzzle bag is being phased out and may eventually be discontinued, as of now, Loewe’s website continues to sell both. The brand refers to the Puzzle and Puzzle Edge bags both as “Puzzle” bags,  which is a change from before. At FASHIONPHILE, we make the distinction between the two Puzzle styles, but for Loewe, there is no longer a distinction. However, in their product descriptions, they notate which are technically Puzzle Edges by stating, “this version is crafted with overlapped edges” – hence, the Edge. 

We’ve also noticed gradual design changes to the original Puzzle bag since its debut. Some of these changes include altered D rings, revamped straps, and the removal of metal feet on some of the smaller Puzzle bag sizes. These design alterations all match that of what defines the Puzzle Edge style, which has no metal feet, and most come with a wider shoulder strap. 

Case in point: Although these changes have been made over time, the original Puzzle bag still remains and isn’t discontinued yet. In fact, there are new additions on the Loewe site that are consistent with the original Puzzle bag design features, like, for instance, having distinct and separate leather pieces sewn together, rather than folded together.

this is a close up image comparing the loewe puzzle bag with the loewe puzzle edge bag by fashionphile
Loewe Puzzle Edge
Loewe Puzzle

What are the differences between the Puzzle Bag and the new Puzzle Edge?

Facts About the Original Loewe Puzzle Bag

The original Loewe Puzzle bag was launched in June 2014 and was first designed to be a men’s duffel. As it gained immense popularity, the Puzzle bag seamlessly found its place in Loewe’s womenswear collection in 2015, as well.

Celebrated for its ergonomic design and ‘origami-style’ shape, the Puzzle bag is assembled from several separate pieces of leather, taking hours to make just a single bag. This level of effort, attention to detail, and craftsmanship offer a striking blend of artistry and luxurious functionality. The Puzzle bag can be folded into a sleek, flat form, and can be worn in several different ways.

This is a front view image of a LOEWE Grained Calfskin Puzzle Bag in size small by fashionphile
This is a side view image of a LOEWE Grained Calfskin Puzzle Bag in size small by fashionphile
What is the Loewe Puzzle Edge?

The Puzzle Edge shares the same iconic cuboid shape as the original Puzzle bag and can also be folded and worn in several ways. What sets the Edge apart from the original Puzzle bag is that the Edge takes pieces of leather and folds them together to form the Puzzle design rather than sew each individual piece separately. Some call this genius efficiency, and some call this lazy. 

this is a front view image of LOEWE Satin Calfskin Puzzle Edge Bag in size small in the color Ruby Red Glaze by fashionphile
this is a side view image of LOEWE Satin Calfskin Puzzle Edge Bag in size small in the color Ruby Red Glaze by fashionphile

Is the Loewe Puzzle Edge bag more expensive than the original?

These design changes to the Puzzle bag over time have led many to speculate Loewe’s motivations, and whether or not they’re doing this in order to streamline their production methods. Could the possibility of the Edge replacing the Puzzle bag all be due to enhancing profits per sale and meeting market demand more swiftly? At present, the retail prices for both the Puzzle and Puzzle Edge models appear to align closely, with price variations based on unique factors such as size, color, design, etc.

Would you buy the Loewe Puzzle bag? Watch this video for more information:

Case in point: If you’re looking for a specific Loewe Puzzle bag, login to your account to set up an item alert! You will be notified the minute we get your Holy Grail in the building. You can shop pre-loved Loewe Puzzle bags at FASHIONPHILE in various conditions, many of which also fall under MSRP.

Amidst the ongoing rumors about the potential discontinuation of the Loewe Puzzle bag, it’s worth noting that the bag does remain in existence and continues to be produced. While the future trajectory is uncertain, and questions still linger about the possibility of the Puzzle Edge eventually replacing the original Puzzle bag entirely, only time will tell. What do you think will happen?

Whether you’re in favor of the original Puzzle bag design or can’t get enough of the newer Puzzle Edge, you can shop both Loewe Puzzle bag styles at FASHIONPHILE.
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