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How To Use the Resale Boom to Your Advantage

Jessica Dee
Contributing Writer.
Bag-Obsessed on a budget.

“How To Use the Resale Boom to Your Advantage”

It’s no secret that “recommerce” is having a moment. The resale business is projected to make $41 billion dollars by 2022 and is on track to outpace regular retail over the next decade. This news is awesome for us, of course–we were one of the first recommerce sites on the scene in 1999. But it’s even more awesome for you.


This week alone, we’ve paid 1,123 people $1,184,933.40 for the sale of 2,005 items. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting a piece of that $1,000,000 pie! Here are three ways to work with us and use the resale boom to your advantage.


1. Sell your designer bags, shoes, and accessories to FASHIONPHILE

It’s seriously so easy, and you get $$$ via direct deposit the next business day! Just follow these steps:

  • Submit pics and details for the individual items you would like to sell here
  • We’ll email you with a price quote
  • Print out your complimentary shipping label and send us your items
  • Get paid by direct deposit, store credit or check the next business day after we receive and authenticate your items


Are you already taking mental inventory of the designer bags you have in the back of your closet? Click here to show us what you’ve got.


2. Participate in our BuyBack program

Calling all FASHIONPHILE regulars: you need to take advantage of our BuyBack program! We’ll buy back any item you purchase from us up to six months (180 days) after the sale date for a full 70% of the item’s purchase price. That’s basically like paying a 30% rental fee for six months of use…crazy, right?

Here’s how to do it:

  • After purchasing an item from us, you will see a “Sell Back” link in your Fashionphile Account for 180 days
  • Simply click the “Sell Back” link in your Fashionphile Account or click “Submit a Bag” on our Sell My Bag page for BuyBack
  • There are some exceptions (like items that were damaged after purchase or items originally purchase for under $300)


3. Become a FASHIONPHILE Affiliate 

Are you already spreading the word about FASHIONPHILE or you have a great social media following? All you need to do is join our Influencer Program by signing up through ShareASale. After you do, we will pay you for every sale that you help drive! If you share FASHIONPHILE on your blog, your Insta profile or your website using our link, banner…and one of your friends or followers buys something, we will pay you! Our top influencer in 2018 made $65,000.

It’s as easy as:

  • Click this link to sign up with ShareASale.
  • Share FASHIONPHILE on your blog, Insta profile, Facebook page, or in a link…
  • When your friends buy – we pay you 5% of the sales price AND $50 each time you send us someone who has never bought or sold with us before!


Ready to cash in on resale? We thought so! Now let’s get you paid. Learn more here.

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