My Experience Selling via Virtual Appointment

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My Experience Selling Via Virtual Appointment


When I heard that FASHIONPHILE was launching a new Virtual Appointment service, especially during these unprecedented times, I was more than excited.

Personally, I’ve always been a big bag collector and have been hoping to sell some of my more-loved styles for a wardrobe refresh and get some new merch in my closet! However, I haven’t been wanting to leave the house lately. So, when I learned that I could sell my items with FASHIONPHILE via a Virtual Appointment from the comfort of my own couch without ever stepping a foot outside, I signed up that very day.

Entering the Google Hangout, and the video conferencing we used, I was both a little apprehensive and nervous about potentially parting with some of my treasured pieces. The FASHIONPHILE Virtual Buyers on the other side of the camera, Gigi and Lisa, immediately put me at ease and walked me through the process. We made sure my account was all set up properly and they had me hold up the Louis Vuitton and Prada bag styles I was hoping on selling. They took screenshots and made notes. Then, while I was browsing the FASHIONPHILE website (hello 10% store credit bonus), my Virtual Buyers went ahead and prepared my quote. Within a flash, I had two buyout offers waiting for me to accept.

The process was so fun and I couldn’t believe how quickly we breezed through the appointment. I accepted my two offers and used the new FASHIONPHILE feature – a UPS pick-up, to have UPS come later that week and whisk away my items. Also, it was so lovely to get personalized notes from my Virtual Buyers the next day.

I had a great experience with FASHIONPHILE’s Virtual Appointment – it was simple and made selling super friendly for someone like me. Now, the only real question is…. what to buy next? Interested in scheduling a Virtual Appointment? Click here.