A Guide to Iconic Bottega Veneta Textiles

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There are endless material options from Bottega Veneta, but where do we even start?


When Bottega Veneta comes to mind, one may imagine the quintessential Jodie on the arms of practically every trendsetter. Or the iconic Knot clutch held by every A-lister on the red carpet. And let’s not forget the weighty chunky chains that make the latest Cassette crossbody an absolute hit. These styles and more are top of mind. 

The brand’s current creative director, Daniel Lee surely does not disappoint. Equally during his reign, Tomas Maier. But what’s especially worth noting are the textiles applied across all its iconic handbags, shoes, and small accessories. Luxury materials like nappa, butter calfskin (emphasis on the butter), paper calfskin, cervo, suede, snakeskin, exotics, and more are handled by the most skilled craftsmen. Even more so, a specialized technique with these materials, the Intrecciato weave, is arguably what makes us all keep coming back for more.

The reimaginings of the iconic Intrecciato weave that has graced the world since the brand was established in the 1960s by both creative directors Lee and Maier, no doubt make the brand so recognizable today – no logos necessary. Today Daniel Lee’s “less is more” influence from his time under Celine proves quite effective.

When it comes to shopping for Bottega Veneta, the array of textiles incorporated (aside from its impeccable selections) is probably what feels the most overwhelming. We’re breaking down the most commonly used textiles, what they mean, and the styles you can find them in. 


Nappa, also known as lambskin, is a soft buttery skin with a super fine grain that comes from well, lambs. The hide is very thin and soft, making it ideal for weaving thus why it’s almost always used to construct the iconic Intrecciato weave. The genius behind this technique that was developed when the brand was first established is what makes Bottega Veneta leather goods instantly recognizable. From shoes, to cosmetic pouches and handbags, Nappa Intrecciato is truly iconic. Any style especially classic silhouettes, such as the Jodie, the Veneta hobo, or the Olimpia Shoulder Bag, featuring this pattern makes for a sound investment. 

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A note on Intrecciato weave types: Intrecciato, which translates to “intertwined” or  “braided” in Italian, is a particular weaving technique. It’s a one-of-a-kind, in-house developed concept that achieves one of the most desirable looks in the luxury world. When shopping for Bottega Veneta, you can expect to see plenty of items with the Maxi Intrecciato weaves as well as the classic Intrecciato. The original Intrecciato weave incorporates diamond weaves, whereas the Maxi Intrecciato often incorporates oversized square weaves. Which do you prefer? 

Watch our YouTube Shorts video on Bottega Veneta weave types! 


Practically every luxury house incorporates calfskin into its range of products. Bottega Veneta actually sources its materials from the same Italian tannery as Hermes, which is what makes their leather goods not only so desirable but also high-quality and long-lasting. 

Butter Calfskin 

You’ve probably noticed this particular variation of calfskin, which has a smooth matte finish, on a number of The Pouch styles. From The Pouch Oversized Clutch to The Mini Pouch and even The Shoulder Pouch, this textile is supple and perfect for achieving that slouchy relaxed aesthetic and literally feels like butter. 


Paper Calfskin 

This textile has a shinier finish combined with a more distressed look. You can find a number of styles such as the Stretch Cassette, Padded Cassette Crossbody, and more in this textile. 


French Calfskin

This rich natural textile is sourced from young cattle. This particular skin contains fewer wrinkles and flaws than older skins often embody. You can find a number of Arco totes constructed with this textile making it highly durable with a gorgeous appearance. 

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Embossed Calfskin

Embossed calfskin is calfskin that features a stamped or textured effect on the skin. For those who like a little bit of texture for added personality, you might love the Bark Calfskin Embossed Mini Pouch or the Calfskin Crocodile Embossed Daisey Box Clutch. 


This textile is made from deerskin. Not as commonly used in current styles, aside from the newly added Textured Deerskin variation of the Padded Cassette Crossbody. But you will certainly find a lot of styles with cervo conceptualized from Maier’s reign, such as the Brick Tote, Veneta Hobo, and other notable shoulder bags.  

product image of Bottega Veneta textured deerskin padded cassette bag

Snakeskin & Exotics 

Last but not the least, snakeskin and exotics. These luxury materials are often used on their own or as trims and accents to styles containing Nappa Intrecciato or calfskin. For example, the Knot Clutch. There are so many iconic variations to this style. Some in plain Nappa Intrecciato, others in crocodile as well as snakeskin decked with intricate embroidery. 

Ayers is a type of snakeskin often used to replace python because it’s less expensive and not as delicate. You may also notice lizardskin used in a number of Bottega Veneta small leather goods because lizard hides are so small. 

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These are just a few examples of iconic Bottega Veneta textiles. There is a world of materials out there that make this brand and others so desirable. What materials are you eyeing for your next investment? Perhaps something with fun metallic leather for the perfect pop to your collection? These selections from Bottega Veneta are showstoppers! Shop all luxury designers at FASHIONPHILE.