5 Ultra-Luxury Ring Styles

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Ring trends are heating up and are expected to be big this year.

Lucky for you, at FASHIONPHILE, there are so many different ultra-luxury ring styles available to buy regardless of the occasion. You can shop rings that symbolize commitment, rings for a special occasion, or rings perfect for every day. If you’re looking to build your ring collection or to find the perfect ring for someone you love, this post will help you, well, put a ring (or two) on it!

To start, for those looking to showcase a gesture of commitment, there are a number of ultra-luxury commitment rings available at FASHIONPHILE.

Commitment Rings

At FASHIONPHILE, you can shop for a number of different types of commitment rings, but top of mind are engagement rings and wedding bands. 

Engagement Rings

It’s rather common nowadays to flaunt any type of ring (diamond or not) and declare it an engagement ring. However, traditionally speaking, engagement rings are diamond rings. If you’re looking to shop for an engagement ring, you can find a number of gorgeous solitaire engagement rings from Tiffany and Cartier. Pro tip: you can also express your commitment to someone with a Cartier LOVE ring, which is a great unisex style that comes in many colors. Learn more, here, about Cartier gold jewelry: colors, purity and myths.

product image of TIFFANY Platinum Diamond 1.06ct Solitaire Engagement Ring 47 4 FASHIONPHILE
TIFFANY Solitaire Engagement Ring
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product image of CARTIER Platinum Diamond .30ct Etincelle De Cartier Solitaire Engagement Ring 46 3.75 FASHIONPHILE
CARTIER Solitaire Engagement Ring
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Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are another type of commitment ring style. Like engagement rings, these, too, are available to shop for at FASHIONPHILE. However, unlike engagement rings, wedding bands are exchanged during vows and both partners typically receive one. For the partner who already wears an engagement ring, the wedding band is stacked on top of it with the two rings acting as a set.

product image of CARTIER 18K Yellow Gold Diamond 4mm LOVE Wedding Band Ring 51 5.75 FASHIONPHILE
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product image of BOUCHERON 18K Pink Gold PVD Quatre Classique Wedding Band Ring 51 5.75 FASHIONPHILE
BOUCHERON Wedding Band
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product image of HARRY WINSTON Platinum Diamond Tryst Single Row Wedding Band Ring 56 7.5 FASHIONPHILE
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If it’s not a commitment ring you’re searching for, you can still find ultra-luxury rings that applaud a special occasion.

Special Occasion Rings

A special occasion is totally subjective and can be whatever it means to you. But we will say that special occasions encourage a little bit of dress up, and that also goes for the rings you choose to wear and style to your liking.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings soared in popularity as a result of anti-prohibition parties that took place during the 1920s when cocktails themselves were invented to disguise alcohol (hence the name). And what is a cocktail ring, you ask? Typically these are larger, more prominent, and flamboyant styles, and these are (again, traditionally speaking) worn during dinner parties.

product image of PASQUALE BRUNI 18K White Gold Black Onyx Spinel Diamond Mandala Ring 54 6.75 FASHIONPHILE
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product image of POMELLATO 18K Rose Gold Prasiolite Classic Nudo Ring 54 6.75 FASHIONPHILE
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product image of TIFFANY Platinum Diamond Tanzanite Paper Flowers Open Cluster Ring 50 5.5 FASHIONPHILE
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product image of CHANEL Crystal Pearl CC Camellia Ring 6 52 Gold FASHIONPHILE
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Toi et Moi Rings

Toi et Moi translates to “you and me” in French. Toi et moi rings are characterized by having one small and one large stone crossing over. These are also called bypass rings, where the band coils or twists around the finger, sometimes connecting, sometimes not.

product image of LOUIS VUITTON 18K Pink Gold Diamond Mother of Pearl Mini Color Blossom Star Ring 51 5.75 FASHIONPHILE
LOUIS VUITTON Blossom Star Ring
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product image of VAN CLEEF & ARPELS 18K Rose Gold Diamond Frivole Between The Finger Pave Ring 50 5.5 FASHIONPHILE
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product image of DAVID YURMAN 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Chrysoprase Chatelaine Bypass Ring 52 6 FASHIONPHILE
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Multi-layer Rings  

These are great statement pieces that often come decked in mixed metals, gemstones, or other materials to give texture and the artful illusion of wearing multiple rings on a single finger at once.

product image of DAVID YURMAN 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Pink Sapphire Three Row Novella Ring 54 6.75 FASHIONPHILE
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product image of HERMES Sterling Silver GM Chaine d'Ancre Enchainee Band Ring 52 6 FASHIONPHILE
HERMES Enchainee Ring
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And for those with a minimalist daily uniform, you can shop understated rings at FASHIONPHILE that are perfect for everyday wear.

Everyday Rings

If we’re going to talk about rings, we certainly can’t forget those rings that are perfect for everyday wear and enjoyment.

Signet Rings

Signet rings have a pretty cool backstory. For the history buffs out there, you’ll appreciate the origins of this ring style. Signet stems from the Latin word “signum” which means sign. For centuries, signet rings were often worn by politicians, religious leaders, and Pharaohs to mark and seal important documents by pressing the surface of the ring containing a crest into hot wax.

product image of JOHN HARDY Sterling Silver Diamond Manah Signet Ring 54 7 FASHIONPHILE
JOHN HARDY Signet Ring
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“Barely There” Rings

If you know, you know. “Barely there” rings are a minimalist’s dream and are great for stacking!

product image of VAN CLEEF & ARPELS 18K Yellow Gold Small Perlee Ring 52 6 FASHIONPHILE
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product image of TIFFANY Platinum Diamond Elsa Peretti Single-Row Wave Ring 49 4.75 FASHIONPHILE
TIFFANY Platinum Wave Ring
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product image of ROBERTO COIN 18K Yellow Gold 3mm Octagonal Band Ring 53 6.5 FASHIONPHILE
ROBERTO COIN Octagonal Band
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Personality Rings

Personality rings are like cocktail rings but made for everyday use. Think script rings (the ultra-luxury version of those nostalgic name rings), heart-shaped rings, and pearl rings that exude an ultra-femme vintage feel.

product image of CHRISTIAN DIOR 18K Rose Gold Diamond Oui Ring 49 4.75 FASHIONPHILE
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product image of MIKIMOTO 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Akoya Pearl 8mm Ring 56 7.5 FASHIONPHILE
MIKIMOTO Akoya Pearl Ring
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product image of CHOPARD 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Yellow Sapphire So Happy Ring 53 6.25 FASHIONPHILE
CHOPARD So Happy Ring
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Ring trends are expected to grow big this year. But trends aside, a healthy collection of different ultra-luxury designer rings – which include commitment rings, special occasion rings, and everyday rings – in various colors and styles will always work to your advantage.

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FASHIONPHILE has so many ring options to shop for. If you’re in need of some ring bling, explore our site! Shop all rings at FASHIONPHILE.