The Top 5 Most-Popular Designer Sandals

Lifestyle image of Christian Dior Dway Sandals and Hermes Oran Sandals outside by the pool

A wise woman once said, “give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”


A luxury handbag is without question. But a pair of designer shoes to go with it? Together, you’ll be serving looks *effortlessly*! With luxury investments on the rise, it’s a good time to take a closer look at your sandal collection. Better yet, treat yourself to a new pair that will have you breezing through work, brunch, vacations, and more in ultra-luxury style.

To help narrow down the choices, we conducted a poll on social media to find out the most popular sandals. Now, the results are in! According to shoppers like you, these are the best sandals to invest in (tried and true) for comfort and style. Coming from some of our top-selling designers, we can’t deny that these popular designer sandals are popular for a reason. Keep reading to find out which sandals you should add-to-cart stat!

We asked:

Christian Dior Embroidered Dway Mules or D-Dior Slide Sandals?

You picked:

Christian Dior Embroidered Dway Mules

For the logomaniac, Christian Dior Dway mules are a necessity! You can’t mistake it for anything else other than the iconic Christian Dior. Constructed of soft embroidered cotton canvas and lightweight soles, this style – available in so many gorgeous color variations – is the perfect pair to wear with jeans, shorts, and cute summer maxi dresses!

Equally luxurious are the D-Dior Slide sandals. This beloved style is crafted of smooth calfskin leather with a nice touch of hardware featuring a prominent aged gold Dior logo on the crossover strap. This style will surely last this year and for many years to come.

We asked:

Hermes Oran Sandals or Hermes Aloha Sandals?

You picked:

Hermes Oran Sandals

Every luxury aficionado needs a pair of Hermes Oran sandals in her closet. This style is truly iconic. They are a great pick for the logomaniac but slightly subdued. It’s equally suitable for those who prefer investing in an “everyday sandal” – a pair that you can easily wear to the office, dinners, errands, and vacations alike. There are so many exciting textiles to choose from as well, depending on your needs and lifestyle: denim, ostrich, epsom, goatskin, box calfskin, and more! Of course, all these luxurious textiles come in basically all the colors you could imagine. No doubt, there is something for everyone.

Then there are the Hermes Aloha sandals. Another wonderful (and smart) investment if you’re looking to wear your luxury all day, everywhere, and don’t want to worry about them looking too worn over time. They’re lightweight and made entirely of rubber – so that means they’re not only comfortable but also water-resistant! Yes, that means you can fearlessly wash off the sand after a long day at the beach with your sandals on. You (and your Aloha) are good as new!

An honorable mention: Already own a pair of Oran sandals or Aloha sandals (or, just love all things, Hermes)? Consider the Hermes Chypre sandal. This gender-neutral shoe has a distinguished and sleek design and is mega practical. The style is crafted of calfskin (also seen in goatskin, suede, and even woolskin), contains a rubber sole, and an adjustable crossover strap. This is a wonderful addition if you’re looking for a style that provides both comfort and a little more coverage around the midfoot region.

We asked:

Bottega Veneta Lido Flat Sandals or Bottega Veneta Slider Sandals?

You picked:

Bottega Veneta Lido Flat Sandals (it was a close call!)

Who doesn’t love a little genius reinterpretation of Bottega Veneta’s signature Intrecciato? The Bottega Veneta Lido Flat sandals feature a puffy quilted leather strap and an elongated square open toe with a short 0.25in heel. You can look dressed up while feeling comfortable and relaxed. Some styles even feature rubber footers at the soles for extra grip. As an editor from Harrods shares, you “will have fashion followers falling at your feet” wearing these gorgeous sandals. Need I say more?

And just like the Hermes Aloha sandals, the Bottega Veneta Slider sandals are made entirely of rubber, too! Stash these in your designer bag, so after a long (and maybe hot) day at work, you can switch out your shoes and feel refreshed walking out of the building in these sandals.

We asked:

Chanel Quilted Logo Sandals or Chanel Dad Sandals?

You picked:

Chanel Dad Sandals (this was a close call, too!)

Did you know the word “sandal” stems from Greek origin? It’s rooted in the word “sandalon” and if you look it up, you’ll understand (maybe) why I think the Chanel Quilted Logo sandal feels as though I’m taking a step back in time. The style transports me to ancient Athens, wearing white robes, and mingling with the actors and philosophers of the time. Well, if only. But these sandals are the next best thing. Not only because they give me a mental vacation when I need it, but most importantly because they’re distinctively Chanel. They feature cord straps, the Chanel logo at front, natural rubber midsoles, and velcro strap closures that allow you to keep your feet snug day to night.

And what’s not to love about the Chanel Dad sandals? They’re enormously popular and can be hard to get your hands on. This style comes in rubber, grained calfskin, denim, braided fabric (resembling raffia), and lambskin among others.

We asked:

Gucci GG Marmont Thong Sandals or Gucci Logo Slide Sandals?

You picked:

Gucci GG Marmont Thong Sandals (by a landslide!)

We can’t think of a better sandal than the Gucci GG Marmont Thong sandal to keep your pedicure free of smudges! From Vintage Bordeaux to Mineral Blue, this style comes in all the colors of the rainbow and features a beautiful aged gold GG logo.

The Gucci Logo Slide sandal is all the rage. Featuring a round open toe, embossed logo at front, and a block heel, this particular style – which I imagine Regina George wearing (in pink of course), sells quickly. Be sure to visit your account to set up an Alert on this style (and others you love) if you’re hoping to snatch a pair in your size. I know I did, already.

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