Behind Valentino Garavani’s Legacy and Iconic Designs

image of pink Valentino Garavani bags with Vlogo, Rockstuds, and roman studs by fashionphile

Freshly revitalized and currently one of the most popular names in the industry, we see you, Valentino Garavani.


The brand has a substantial history and continues to celebrate its heritage and maintain numerous iconic design elements that have endured over the years. At the heart of this legacy are the unmistakable signatures that define the essence of Valentino Garavani. From the iconic Rockstud embellishments to the regal Roman Stud motifs, the striking Valentino Garavani Vlogo, and even the signature shade of Valentino Garavani pink – each element weaves a narrative. Here are the noticeably very “Valentino Garavani” signatures that make the brand what it is today.

The Legacy of the Valentino Garavani Rockstud

The renowned Rockstud stands as the quintessential embodiment of Valentino Garavani’s identity. When the Rockstud comes to mind, memories of its zenith may surface; a time when celebrities flaunted Rockstud pumps left and right. Presently, the Rockstud’s allure endures, with even more products to choose from, ensuring its sustained popularity and eternal existence. 

This iconic Rockstud design is inspired by the ‘bugnatos,’ architectural embellishments that resemble pyramid-like shapes; these designs adorn the historical edifices of Rome, the very city that houses Valentino Garavani’s main headquarters. This fusion of historic elegance and contemporary flair epitomizes the essence of Valentino Garavani. The Rockstud encapsulates Valentino Garavani’s Roman heritage and design finesse.  

The Rockstud motif was created in 2010 and has since then become integral to Valentino Garavani’s accessory line, spanning handbags, shoes, wallets, belts, and more. This punk-like motif has not only propelled the brand’s growth but has also solidified collaborations with artists and creatives such as Craig Green. These partnerships with Valentino Garavani have breathed fresh life into the Rockstud, showcasing its versatility while keeping the brand’s codes intact.

VALENTINO GARAVANI Metallic Pebbled Calfskin Rockstud Ankle Strap 100mm Pumps in size 36.5 in the color Rame
VALENTINO GARAVANI Calfskin Micro Rockstud Spike Shoulder Bag in the color Azalea
VALENTINO GARAVANI Grainy Calfskin Rockstud Coin Purse Card Holder in the color Black from FASHIONPHILE

The Introduction of the Valentino Garavani Roman Stud

Given the profound influence of the Rockstud in shaping Valentino Garavani’s identity, it’s only natural that the brand would venture into a creative reinterpretation of this enduring motif. Enter the Roman Stud: a captivating evolution. The year 2021 marked a significant moment as Pierpalo Piccioli, the brand’s creative director, introduced the Roman Stud during Valentino Garavani’s Spring Summer runway showcase. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of Italian architecture, this design reimagines the iconic Rockstud on a grander scale. The Roman Stud, an oversized iteration of the original motif that adorns shoes and bags, unveils a new chapter in the brand’s narrative.

Many bags with the newly introduced Roman Stud also incorporates both a unique metal chain and leather shoulder strap giving the wearer options to style Valentino Garavani bags in different ways. The Roman Stud is, “a dialogue between classic design and punk subculture.” The reinterpretation of the iconic Rockstud proves the staying power that these house codes have for Valentino Garavani. 

VALENTINO GARAVANI Nappa Medium Roman Stud Shoulder Bag in the color Feminine Pink from FASHIONPHILE
VALENTINO GARAVANI Patent Monochrome Roman Stud Ankle Strap 80mm Pumps in size 38.5 in the color Black from FASHIONPHILE
VALENTINO GARAVANI Nappa Roman Stud Wallet On Chain in the color Ivory from FASHIONPHILE

The Influence of the Vlogo

What exactly is the Vlogo? Serving as the primary emblem of Valentino Garavani, the Vlogo encapsulates the brand’s essence. This distinct design comprises a V shape with a semi-oval enveloping the letter, collectively recognized as the “Vlogo.” Beyond the famed Rockstud and Roman Stud motifs, Valentino Garavani ingeniously integrates their logo in novel ways to embellish an array of products, including bags, belts, shoes, and beyond.

VALENTINO GARAVANI Crystal Nappa Enamel Vlogo Small Loco Shoulder Bag in the color Lemon from FASHIONPHILE
VALENTINO GARAVANI Glossy Calfskin VLogo Reversible 40mm Belt 75 30 Smokey Beige Black
VALENTINO GARAVANI PVC Nappa Vlogo Loco Shoulder Bag Transparent Optic White

The Power of Valentino Pink

Powerful brand signatures encompass not only logos and motifs but also color. Valentino Garavani’s legacy, deeply rooted in hues, also plays a profound role. While the iconic Valentino Garavani red had long stood as an emblem, a transformative shift emerged when they introduced “Valentino Garavani pink,” in September 2022 as part of the Maison Valentino Pink PP collection. Valentino Garavani pink exudes a playfully vibrant Barbie-core aesthetic, and the collection resonates with a bright pink Pantone hue, epitomizing the brand’s fearless spirit and boundless creativity. Since its launch, the color swiftly wove itself into the brand’s identity, becoming synonymous with the Italian house. Noteworthy personalities like Anne Hathaway, Zendaya, Dove Cameron, and more embraced this remarkable and vibrant shade, amplifying its distinctive aura. 

VALENTINO GARAVANI Patent Tan-Go 55/155mm Platform Pumps 37.5 Pink PP
VALENTINO GARAVANI Crystal Suede Embellished Micro One Stud Chain Bag Pink PP

Beyond the dazzling runway displays and the glamorous world of couture lies a brand with a rich history that reverberates through time.

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