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The Wallet on Chain Wishlist

Anna Schaefer
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“The Wallet on Chain Wishlist”

There are few things in life that honestly look as good with denim as they do with an evening gown — but the wallet on chain just might be one.


First unveiled years ago by Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton, today almost every major fashion house offers at least one wallet on chain option, usually in multiple sizes. (Shameless self-promotion alert: no matter which one you love, you can find it for an unbelievable steal in our shop.)


It’s easy to see why: as the name suggests, it’s technically a wallet but functions more like a multi-purpose, day-to-night bag. And because they’re so popular, most of them will be valuable for a long time. That means a lower cost per wear AND a worthy investment, all bundled into one. (Ladies, it’s called science.)


Without further ado, our top picks:

The Felicie Chain Wallet

There’s a lot to love about this little Pochette: its detachable chain, beautiful interior in various colors, and undeniable durability. But perhaps everyone’s favorite thing about this piece? It includes both a card insert AND a zippered pouch. At an amazing price point, this is an essential piece for any Louis lover’s collection. 

Epi Twist Belt Chain Wallet

Epi leather is one of Louis Vuitton’s most durable materials, for business or pleasure this wallet works. This chic bag’s focal point is a stunning polished silver LV twist-lock and has a matching polished silver chain to really set it off. 

Quilted Wallet on Chain WOC

Black, burgundy, or beige — it’s really a matter of personal taste. For versatility, we choose the ever-present caviar in black. For a statement, softer hues highlight the plush lambskin. (Oh, you want hot pink? There’s always that, too.)

2.55 Reissue Wallet on Chain WOC

Graffiti crocodile or a classic black finish — when it comes to matters of the wallet, listen to your heart. (At least, in regards to Chanel-related purchases.) Lightweight and versatile, Chanel pieces nearly always hold their value and are just as admired in Paris as they are in Rome.

Grain de Poudre Matelasse Chevron Monogram Chain Wallet 

More durable than lambskin but just as lux, this matelasse calfskin “wallet” includes built-in card slots for a secure, envelope-style day-to-evening bag that can go just about anywhere in a pinch.

Wallet on Chain 

If it’s one of Priyanka Chopra’s favorites, it can’t be wrong. Classic Fendi structure and deliciously monogrammed, this piece offers an ultra-luxury look that’s almost definitely going to last.

GG Marmont Chain Wallet

Particularly acclaimed for being both very lightweight and very roomy inside (not true of all chain bags), the GG Marmont makes an ideal crossbody. Basically, the pinnacle of designer practicality.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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