The Top 5 Trends We Can’t Live Without

The Top 5 Trends We Can’t Live Without


I’m going to lead with a segue. A little unconventional, but hey— that’s what style is all about. So I’ll start here: if you don’t follow Moda Operandi, I highly recommend you do. For truly of-the-moment fashion intel, their spot-on knack for trendcasting is hard to beat: evidenced by their 2019 Runway Report, featuring some of our fav handbag trends, plus a swath of other delicious chapters covering everything from shoes to outerwear. Now back to our featured segment, these are the top trends that fashionphiles are going wild over.

1. Small is the new big.


Micro bags. If any designer bag could be equal parts stunning and practical, the Celine Nano Luggage just might be it. With it’s gorgeous drum leather belt strap, and roomy interior, the micro is versatile, surprisingly practical and ultra portable, with lush details like a suede interior.

In other news, Chanel Mini Rectangular Flaps are outshining the long-loved classic size. As tiny chic continues to gain traction, it’s no wonder there’s a mad scramble for Dior’s delightfully dainty Diorama as well.

2. Old is the new new.


Anyone remember that granny chic Lady Dior “it” bag from 2000? It’s back, and badder than ever. That’s right: fashionphiles covet granny chic in equal proportions to their 90’s era chokers and ribbed tees. In fact, these bags have become some of the most sought-after resale items at FASHIONPHILE.COM — right alongside the Coco handle, which seem to move out the door as fast as they can come in.

3. Speaking of granny accessories.


Chanel brooches. At the same time classic and slightly hipster at heart, they’re a beautiful, simple way to highlight and accentuate a look. Not to mention the perfect gateway into building your designer label collection.

4. Fendi, Fendi, Fendi.


Late last year, the infamous Fendi Zucca print started reappearing in everything from Kardashian selfies to Nicki Minaj’s Chun-Li cover. And since then, we can hardly keep them in stock. They hold up well for resale, which means you can rock a new trend on a not-quite-Fendi budget. Need we say more?

5. Drop in the bucket.


The bucket bag is a silhouette that just isn’t going away. From the gathered Louis Vuitton Noe look to a more glammed-up Saint Laurent Emmanuelle, the options are endless and the staying power of this trend seems to be, too.


Fun Fact: the original Noe was created by Gaston- Louis Vuitton in 1932 for a champagne maker with the purpose of carrying 5 champagne bottles. Cheers!

What is your favorite trend you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!
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