Iconic Fendi Logos: Zucca, Zucchino & More

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Logos are the branded signatures for many fashion houses, and Fendi is no exception.


Fendi owns many famous and globally recognized logo signatures that continue to stand as quintessential emblems of luxury. The myriad of iconic F logos have become synonymous with Fendi’s identity. At the heart of Fendi’s sartorial legacy lies a fascinating logo evolution and narrative woven around these Fendi designs. From the iconic Fendi Zucca pattern to the modernized double F motifs, let’s unpack some Fendi logos and the different symbol signatures Fendi is known for. 

The Fendi Zucca: Where Iconic Logos All Began

The cornerstone of Fendi’s iconic logos lies in the classic Zucca, a design that made waves in the fashion world. Conceived by the visionary Karl Lagerfeld in 1965, the interlocked FF “Zucca” insignia not only represented the brand’s unparalleled craftsmanship but also held a playful meaning. FF stands for “Fun Fur.” This clever moniker reflected Fendi’s fusion of luxury and whimsy, bringing a sense of playfulness to the brand. The Fendi Zucca pattern is also known as the “inverted Zucca,” and ever since, it has never fallen short of captivating the fashion enthusiasts of the noughties, becoming a symbol of their era. Over the years, the Zucca logo has adorned an array of styles from bags, shoes, wallets, scarves, belts, and more, evolving and adapting to ever-changing trends. The Zucca insignia continues to serve as a beacon for fashion enthusiasts and logomaniacs alike, symbolizing the essence of Fendi’s creative ingenuity.

image of FENDI Zucca Baguette in the color Tobacco by FASHIONPHILE
Fendi Zucca Baguette
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After the Fendi Zucca Logo Came the Zucchino

The Fendi Zucca inspired the Zucchino, a mini FF Fendi logo that found its place primarily on fabrics. Zucchino was also introduced in 1965, and the petite emblem, often dubbed the “jacquard pattern,” quickly became a staple. While the original Zucchino pattern is no longer in production and the exact year of the Zucchino pattern being discontinued remains uncertain, Fendi aficionados still treasure vintage pieces featuring this classic motif – all the more reason to browse pre-owned Fendi bags at FASHIONPHILE. Today, the Fendi Zucchino remains a cherished chapter in Fendi’s design legacy, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll see this classic pattern remerge from the archives!   

image of FENDI Zucchino Shopper Tote in the color Pink by FASHIONPHILE
Fendi Zucchino Shopper
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The Fendi Karligraphy Makes Fashion History

A pivotal chapter in Fendi’s logo evolution unfolds with the introduction of Karligraphy, a masterpiece crafted under the ingenious vision of Karl Lagerfeld in 1981. Karligraphy blends Karl Lagerfeld’s design influence with the iconic FF Fendi logo. This elegant emblem marked a new era for Fendi. Initially gracing cabochon buttons and intricately woven into intarsia fur, Karligraphy became an instant symbol of luxury. Lagerfeld’s keen eye for design and attention to detail were palpable in every detail. As a testament to Lagerfeld’s creative genius, Karligraphy not only adorned Fendi’s creations but also etched itself into the annals of fashion history. 

Image of FENDI Flannel Karligraphy Embroidered Medium Fendi First bag in the color Camel by FASHIONPHILE
Fendi Karligraphy Fendi First
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Modern Interpretations of the Fendi Double F Logo

Modern reinterpretations of the Fendi Double F logo draw inspiration from the brand’s rich heritage. One striking example is the Fendi FF 1974, an embossed double F logo showcasing the inverted Zucca pattern in a three-dimensional texture. Fendi’s modern bags often feature this iconic emblem on supple lambskin, elevating the designs in a whole new way. The latest Fendi creations with the FF logo on fabric are often referred to as “fabric jacquard FF 1974” or simply FF. These modern interpretations of iconic Fendi logos bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style. 

image of FENDI Nappa FF 1974 Embossed Baguette in the color Spring Turquoise by FASHIONPHILE
Nappa FF 1974 Embossed Baguette
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Fendi owns many famous and globally recognized logo signatures that continue to stand as quintessential emblems of luxury. Which Fendi logo would you reach for? Explore all Fendi bags and accessories at FASHIONPHILE

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