Cartier Gold Jewelry Shopping Guide: Colors, Purity & Myths

Cartier Gold

Cartier is an esteemed French jeweler and luxury watch manufacturer renowned worldwide for their prestige craftsmanship and fine jewelry creations.


Suppose you’re new to the world of Cartier or are looking to gather more information on the pieces you already own, there’s more to gold jewelry than you may realize. There are a number of Cartier gold colors to choose from, information on gold purity, but most excitingly, Cartier gold myths (that we’ll happily debunk). When you invest in something as exceptional as Cartier, you might as well know the facts and understand why Cartier has been crowned the king of luxury jewelry. Let’s start this lesson with a breakdown of the different colors of Cartier gold you can shop for.

Cartier Gold Colors

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold jewelry has been around for centuries dating back to ancient Egypt, and is a very popular choice – especially in the world of Cartier. Yellow gold is made of pure 24k gold (more on that in a bit) mixed with other metals to achieve the desired yellow pigment or look. Depending on the piece, yellow gold can appear super gold or softer, like champagne gold. That’s due to the ratio between the amount of pure gold present mixed with other metals. 

product image of CARTIER 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Juste Un Clou Wrap Ring FASHIONPHILE
Juste Un Clou Wrap Ring
product image of CARTIER 18K Yellow Gold LOVE Bracelet 19 FASHIONPHILE
LOVE Bracelet
Pink Gold

Rose gold jewelry, otherwise known as pink gold in the world of Cartier, is a blend of pure yellow gold with copper. In its early days, rose gold was often coined “Russian Gold” because famed jeweler Carl Faberge was one of the first to incorporate rose gold in his famous Faberge Eggs. Soon rose gold gained popularity across the globe, and Cartier became one of the first major jewelers to introduce luxurious rose gold jewelry to its customers. The piece that “rose” to fame (if you will) was Cartier’s Trinity Ring, commissioned by French artist, writer, and filmmaker Jean Cocteau who often sported his beloved creation on his pinkie.

product image of CARTIER 18K Pink Yellow White Gold Small Trinity Ring 50 5.25 FASHIONPHILE
Pink Yellow White Gold Trinity Ring
product image of CARTIER 18K Pink Gold Small Clash de Cartier Earrings FASHIONPHILE
Clash de Cartier Earrings
White Gold

White gold is an alloy mixed with other metals. One example is gold mixed with nickel and plated with rhodium to give jewelry that beautiful white luster. However, if not properly cared for, the rhodium can wear off over time, revealing the yellow gold underneath. This is why people who own white gold jewelry often get them re-plated regularly. But brands like Cartier use a special white gold alloy blend that doesn’t require a rhodium plate. In these, the white is less bright than typical white gold pieces with a rhodium plate.

product image of CARTIER 18K White Gold LOVE Bracelet 19 FASHIONPHILE
LOVE Bracelet
product image of CARTIER 18K White Gold Diamond Small Hearts and Symbols Pendant Necklace FASHIONPHILE
Hearts & Symbols Pendant Necklace
Bonus: Platinum

Although similar in appearance, white gold is not to be confused with platinum, a different type of white metal. Platinum is a natural metal on its own. With platinum jewelry, you never have to worry about plating issues because it’s pure and does not tarnish, fade or change color over time. Platinum is also hypoallergenic, so if you have a nickel allergy, platinum is a recommended choice. However, the cost is much greater when choosing platinum Cartier jewelry over white gold. So although white gold requires more upkeep, choosing white gold jewelry over platinum is the more budget-friendly option.

product image of CARTIER Platinum Diamond 1.45ct Destinee Wedding Band Ring 49 5 FASHIONPHILE
Destinee Wedding Band
product image of CARTIER Platinum 2 Diamond 3mm C De Cartier Wedding Band Ring 50 5.25 FASHIONPHILE
C De Cartier Wedding Band

Now that you know the gold colors to find from Cartier, another key piece of information to keep in mind is the gold purity levels. What can you expect?

Watch our YouTube Short on the different types of Cartier gold, here: 

Gold Purity

Gold purity is referenced by a number next to the letter “k” which indicates the karat weight. A karat (not to be confused with carat, which records the weight of diamonds and other precious stones) is like a currency. With 24k being the highest karat of gold. That means 24k gold jewelry represents the highest value or the highest level of purity (pure gold). Generally speaking, on most fine jewelry pieces, you should see a small hallmark engraved somewhere that notates the purity level of the metal. Again, the higher the karat, the higher the purity. 

Cartier only uses 18k gold (aside from the platinum mentioned earlier), the second purest level of gold you can buy. This is indicated by a stamp that either says 18k or 750. Platinum Cartier pieces are marked with 950. 18k represents the ratio between the amount of 24k gold mixed with other alloys. That means 18k gold jewelry has a ratio of 18/24, equivalent to 75% gold and 25% mixed alloys. The higher the karat number, the more gold present, and the more yellow in color, unless plated with something else to emphasize the color. 

With this cohesive understanding of the different purity levels and the colors that Cartier gold jewelry comes in, here’s to debunking those Cartier gold myths!

Cartier Gold Myths

Myth: Cartier LOVE bracelets are solid gold.

Fact: When Cartier first established themselves as jewelry makers, much of their pieces were gold-plated. But today, Cartier jewelry, including LOVE bracelets, is 18k (or platinum). So, no, not pure gold. 18k means the piece comprises 75% gold and 25% mixed alloys. 


Myth: Cartier screwdrivers are solid gold.

Fact: Nope! Cartier screwdrivers are actually gold-plated, so they are not solid gold. Our authentication team thoroughly tests the metals to check for this. 


Myth: Cartier doesn’t make platinum LOVE bracelets anymore.

Fact: Cartier jewelry, including the LOVE collection, comes in white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold, as well as platinum. Platinum is still used for the LOVE collection but rarer.


Myth: Certain gold colors are more popular than others.

Fact: At FASHIONPHILE, although we’ve seen certain colors of gold sell more than others, trends always change. In 2022, Cartier yellow gold jewelry ranked most popular, overtaking white gold with the most sales at FASHIONPHILE in 2021. However, the rise in popularity of rose gold (including Cartier pink gold) continues to soar, with a 460% growth in 2022! Trends aside, it all comes down to what you love. 

With that said, Cartier jewelry isn’t “one size fits all.” With the brand’s vast portfolio of pieces, there are so many options to shop for, but most notably when it comes to Cartier is their gold.

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