Pre-Owned Luxury: A Seller’s Guide

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Pre-Owned Luxury: A Seller’s Guide


We get it: you’re usually on to keep tabs on our newest arrivals, keep tabs on all of the beautiful pieces that you are following, or scope the best deal on that one piece you can’t live without — at least for this season.

Here’s a little secret: the best way to justify buying another designer piece? Sell one first. We are offering our highest quote values EVER right now. Why shouldn’t some of that be going in your wallet on a chain? (answer: it most definitely should). Here’s a quick download of what you need to know to get started.



1. Get a quote.

Complete the submission form. We’ll email you a price quote shortly.

2. Ship your items.

Print your complimentary shipping label and send us your items.

3. Get paid!

Choose from direct deposit, store credit, Neiman Marcus gift card, or check the next business day after we receive and authenticate your items.

Note: we now offer Virtual Appointments. See My Experience Selling Via Virtual Appointment.



We accept pieces from all major fashion houses, as well as a few more obscure ones. Here is the full list.


You can sell your gently-loved handbags, jewelry, watches, shoes, and accessories like belts, scarves, bag charms, and much more.



We accept all authentic designer pieces from “fair” to “new” conditions. As you can imagine, the condition of the piece will influence how much you can receive for it.

Ideal items are in new or like-new condition and may have the original box, case, and attached retailer tags.

Does your piece have scratches, scuffs, or stains? Don’t worry! We’re also interested in items that can be repurposed and refurbished.



How long will it take to get paid?

Once we receive and authenticate your items, you’ll receive payment the next business day.

How much will I get for my item?

For most items, you’ll receive a single cash payout based on the resale value of the item, the condition it’s in, the brand, and how old it is.

Is it safe to ship my items?

Yes — as long as you use our shipping labels to send in your items, they are insured. We even offer free UPS Home Pick-Up! If you have a high-value item that you’d prefer to sell in-store, you can do so at our Showrooms in Carlsbad and NYC or in one of our Selling Studios.


Still have questions?

You can always contact us directly at to get your questions answered.

Sell now!