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FASHIONPHILE - Christian Louboutin Patent Iriza 100 Pumps
Anna Schaefer
Contributing Writer.
Connoisseur of curated luxury.


Indisputable fact: there are few pieces as iconic as the red-soled Christian Louboutin heel. In part, no doubt, because they’re — well— intensely sensual. 


When you consider the exquisite, delicate structure of the heel itself, paired with the suggestive air of hand-painted red leather, it doesn’t take a Catholic schoolgirl to figure out that these shoes were made to star in movies you weren’t allowed to watch until at least the seventh grade.


For this reason alone, there’s a good chance that your brain has filed Louboutin into the distinctive category of “lust-worthy footwear”, and keeps it there until such a desire arises.


Understandably, Christian Louboutin probably isn’t the first designer you think of when you’re shopping for a luxe handbag.


I’m here to challenge you on that assumption. Think of it: all of the deliciousness of a Louboutin heel applied to a piece that you can actually wear with anything


The Christian Louboutin bag collection (which is surprisingly wide and varied) sports the same unmistakable details and tantalizing craftsmanship, but in, well — a handbag. With a striking combination of elegance and confidence, there seems to be a style for every occasion:


The East West Cabata Tote is on the one hand daytime casual, and on the other, spiky and rosy-bottomed. Needless to say, it’s hardly run-of-the-mill.


If you dig the spikes but want more of an evening-wear option, the studded Loubiposh clutch is hard to compete with. (This one comes in a range of colors, all with the classic red interior for good measure.)


For the kind of woman who loves nothing more than wearing a red bottom pump with her business attire, the Studded Small Paloma will fit your sentiments well.

Whatever the flavor, Christian Louboutin seems to be a true master at bringing the art of the delicious into the everyday. And well sir, we just want you to know — our inner vixen thanks you.


P.S. All this said, we will never stop loving (or carrying) their shoes.

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