Luxury Street Style

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Luxury Street Style


Street style has been growing in popularity for years, and thanks to designers like Virgil Abloh, it has become one of the most prominent of-the-moment trends. Abloh’s latest Spring 2020 collection for Louis Vuitton recently debuted as one of the highlights of Paris Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2020 edition. That’s right: we’ve now got full permission to slum it with style thanks to the latest bum-chic-meets-grandpa-gear trends. Comfy couture? Don’t have to tell us twice.

From the oversized and intentionally ill-fitted to the flamboyantly colorful, ladies and gents alike walked away with an itch for neon brights, geriatric-inspired footwear, and handbag accessories that don’t require, well — hands.

The key to embodying this fresh back-alley vibe? A few oversized pieces offset by just the right accessory.

Bum bags

Aka the infamous Fanny. They’re small, they’re fierce, and most importantly: they’re temptingly androgynous (even—no, especially—when they’re neon purple.)

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Statement sneakers

Neon accents, the ever-present array of high tops, and vibrant kicks of a more, um, geriatric nature. If you get one thing right this year, it better be footwear.

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White shades

Nothing says 2020 quite like the Acetate 1.1 Millionaires Z1166W shades. Lucky for you, there’s a still a few left in stock.

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PVC everything

Ok, this isn’t technically an accessory, but the transparent trend is so distinctive, it’s essentially an accessory to your accessories. (Obsessed with PVC? While you’re in this life-in-plastic-it’s-fantastic world, check out this Louis Vuitton Keepall.)

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Solar Ray Steamers

Even as we daydream about next year’s hottest trends, summer 2019 is still in full fling — and so is Virgil Abloh’s fire-y Monogram Solar Ray Steamers with their telltale orange link chains.

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What’s your favorite street style accessory? Let us know in the comments!
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