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The 4 Most Luxurious Pairs of Sneakers You’ll Ever Own


There was a time when luxury houses scoffed at the thought of athletic wear (as Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.”). That time is not 2018. Today, “athleisure” has never been bigger, and in return, couture has never been more comfortable.

In our opinion, the most effortless way to weave the athleisure trend into your existing wardrobe is with a clean pair of sneakers, which look just as chic when worn with a sundress as they do with gym clothes (or even with a Chanel bag).

If you’ve ever dipped a toe into the world of designer sneakers, though, you know that the sneakerhead culture is no joke–when a new pair is released, hundreds of people line up overnight in order to be the first to get their feet into a fresh pair (like these fans did for a chance at a new pair of Yeezys in February). According to Sneakerboy’s Chris Kyvetos, “If you take recommerce out of streetwear, you don’t get these big lineups everywhere. Six out 10 [people who line up] are doing it because they want to participate in the recommerce society.”

In other words, you can trust resellers like FASHIONPHILE to be fully stocked with luxury’s latest crop of couture kicks almost immediately. Here, our four favorite sought-after sneakers for men and women–no waiting in line necessary.







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