Chanel Slingbacks: Styles, Heel Heights, Materials & Fit

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Embarking on a quest to find the perfect pair of Chanel slingbacks but feeling uncertain about where to begin? If only a personal shopper were a call away… oh, but wait, there is! 


In the world of fashion, Chanel slingbacks have soared to new heights of popularity, thanks in no small part to reality stars such as Morgan Stewart, and stylish and influential figures like Sofia Richie Grainge, who have championed iconic Chanel footwear (the Sofia Richie Effect is real). If you find yourself tempted to join the ranks of slingback enthusiasts, we’re quite tempted ourselves, it is essential to delve into the realm of sizing and fit, as these factors play a crucial role in ensuring your comfort and satisfaction with a coveted pair.

For the sake of the Chanel CC slingback heels, this post explores a range of aspects to consider, including styles and heel heights that cater to individual preferences, the diverse materials employed in crafting these elegant shoes, and an understanding of how this particular style tends to run. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of these elements, you can channel your inner Sofia Richie and confidently navigate the world of Chanel slingbacks. So, ready to get started? 

Chanel Slingback Styles & Heel Heights

Traditionally when we think of Chanel slingback shoes, we think of the famous cap-toe mid-heel shoe but leave it to Chanel to offer a world of slingback shoe styles to choose from, including but not limited to Chanel slingback espadrilles and Chanel slingback sandals. Here are some notable Chanel slingback styles and their corresponding heel heights.   

Chanel Slingback Flats

With their relatively flat design, flat Chanel slingback shoes feature a lower heel height measuring 0.8 inches.

Chanel Slingback Pumps

These renowned cap toe slingback pumps effortlessly elevate (literally), boasting a heel measurement of approximately 2.6 inches, all while ensuring a hassle-free stroll.

Chanel Slingback Pointed Toe

And there’s the Chanel slingback with the pointed toe. These distinctive Chanel slingback shoes showcase a pointed toe, sometimes with a bow, and can exhibit a variety of heel heights ranging from 1 to 3 inches. The pointed-toe Chanel slingbacks listed online at Chanel boutiques at the time of writing this post have a heel height of approximately 1.8 inches, striking a balance between the elegance of a pump and the comfort of a flat.

product image of CHANEL Lambskin Stitched Camellia Slingback Flats 40.5 Beige Black FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Tweed Satin Cap Toe CC Slingback Pumps 39.5 Black Grey FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Lambskin Satin Slingback Cap Toe Bow Pumps 36.5 Burgundy Black FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Calfskin Embossed Cap Toe CC Slingback Pumps 36 Black FASHIONPHILE
Honorable Mentions:
product image of CHANEL Glitter Grosgrain Cap Toe CC Slingback Pumps 37.5 Gold Black FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Printed Lambskin CC Slingback Sandals 38.5 Dark Pink FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Lambskin Cap Toe CC Slingback Pumps 37 Beige Black FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Calfskin Pearl CC Peep Toe Slingback Pumps 41 Black FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Shiny Goatskin Pearls Open Cap Toe Slingback Pumps 40 Beige Black FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Canvas Lambskin CC Slingback Espadrilles 35 Beige White FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Suede Lambskin Cap Toe Crystal Slingback Pumps 37 Fuchsia Black FASHIONPHILE

Chanel Slingback Materials

Given the array of Chanel slingback styles available, it is indeed safe to assume that a multitude of materials also awaits your consideration. And what are those exactly? Here are some ultra-luxe Chanel slingback materials to have on your radar.  


Traditionally speaking, Chanel slingback shoes are made with leather, of course, most commonly, goatskin combined with grosgrain trim. Goatskin adds a little bit of sheen (especially anything shiny goatskin), and they’re often used to craft ultra-luxury shoes because of their luxe appearance and durability. But that’s not all. Chanel slingbacks are also crafted using lambskin, patent calfskin, laminated calfskin, metallic lambskin, printed lambskin, and even pony hair, to name a few. 

product image of CHANEL Laminated Calfskin Grosgrain Cap Toe CC Slingback Flats 36.5 Multicolor Black FASHIONPHILE
Laminated Calfskin
product image of CHANEL Printed Lambskin Cap Toe CC Slingback Pumps 37 Black White FASHIONPHILE
Printed Lambskin
product image of CHANEL Pony Hair CC Slingback Sandals 38.5 Fuchsia Black FASHIONPHILE
Pony Hair
Tweeds, Fabrics & Other Materials

Chanel slingback flats and pumps are also crafted of other unique materials such as glittered cotton guipure and grosgrain, as well as cotton tweed. These materials can come in a vast range of gorgeous colors – but honestly, who doesn’t love a cute Chanel pink slingback pair? 

product image of CHANEL Denim Cap Toe CC Slingback Flat 37 Neon Pink FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Tweed Patent Cap Toe CC Slingback Pumps 37.5 Turquoise Purple White FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Fabric Grosgrain Cap Toe CC Slingback Flats 37 Light Beige Black FASHIONPHILE

And thanks to Y2K dopamine dressing influencing many of us to live our bejeweled era, Chanel Slingbacks come decked in strass crystals and glitter. Other materials Chanel Slingbacks are dressed in are denim, satin, mesh fabric, and suede.

product image of CHANEL Glitter Grosgrain Cap Toe CC Slingback Pumps 39 Gold Black FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Mesh Suede Kidskin Cap Toe CC Slingback Flat 40 Pink FASHIONPHILE
product image of CHANEL Lambskin Grosgrain Crystal Cap Toe Logo Slingback Pumps 38.5 Black FASHIONPHILE
Crystal Lambskin

Do Chanel Slingbacks fit true to size?

When it comes to the fit of Chanel slingback shoes, several factors come into play. First and foremost, on the Chanel website, these elegant heels are known to run true to size, providing a reliable starting point for finding your perfect fit. However, we all have preferences. If you happen to have wider feet, it is recommended to go up by half a size to ensure optimal comfort. It is also worth noting that according to numerous reviews, Chanel slingback heels do not stretch significantly with wear, further emphasizing the importance of sticking with your regular size for a comfortable and secure fit. 

Be mindful that materials can sometimes alter how this style fits. Leather is overall softer and has a tendency to stretch more easily over time, depending on wear frequency, versus fabrics such as tweed or denim, which may fit more snugly than leather. All in all, Chanel slingbacks fit true to size, but your perfect fit is subjective. If you live near one of our Showroom locations in New York City or Carlsbad, CA, make an appointment to try on your Chanel slingbacks in person before buying. This is the only way to know for a fact that you’ve found your fit. 

With the widespread popularity of Chanel slingbacks, often attributed to influential figures like Sofia Richie Grainge, it is crucial to have a comprehensive grasp of sizing and fit if you’re contemplating adding a pair to your collection. Hope this was helpful! For more fit tips on some popular shoe styles from top luxury brands, be sure to check out this designer shoe size guide

If you have any further questions, let our Personal Shoppers help you as you embark on your quest for the perfect pair of Chanel Slingback shoes. Shop all shoes from coveted ultra-luxury brands at FASHIONPHILE.
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