An Inside Look at the Making of Our About Us Video

behind the scenes image of Layton Tedrick on set for the making of our About Us video commercial FASHIONPHILE

What is there to know about us?

We’re proud to be the industry leader in ultra-luxury resale. We’ve been buying and selling pre-owned handbags, accessories, jewelry, and watches – backed by our 100% authenticity guarantee – since 1999.

As we reflect on our company’s growth, we want to take a moment to share an inside look at how things are done here at FASHIONPHILE. Our cutting-edge creative team behind our products takes you behind the scenes. First up? Introducing Layton Tedrick, our Senior Producer, and Content Production Manager, from our video production department.

The release of our latest commercial, produced by Layton Tedrick, says it all in terms of what we’re about. It’s everything you need to know (literally about us) in 30 seconds filled with all the best products and talent both on and off-screen. Read on to learn more!

behind the scenes milo camera on set FASHIONPHILE commercial
Milo camera used on set filming About Us

What was the approach to making this commercial? 

The goal of this commercial was to visualize that FASHIONPHILE is both a fashion and technology company. With that in mind, the first step was to determine the style it would be filmed. We decided to shoot the entire thing by attaching the camera to a robot arm that allowed the camera to be moved in precise ways. The robot arm brings the “tech” and precision vibe to the piece by removing the human element that a human operator would bring. After that was determined, we had several other messaging goals we wanted to show on-screen. For example, our authentication process is a science, you can buy and sell with us, and shopping through FASHIONPHILE is sustainable. The concept came together naturally with all of this determined because it’s motivated directly by our story as a brand.

What was your favorite moment on set during the filming of About Us? 

My favorite moment was setting up the very first shot. The first thing we filmed was the “authentication station.” Seeing the FASHIONPHILE team and our third-party team work together and bring it to life was exciting and left me with a feeling of extreme gratitude. We spent months in pre-production, and seeing it come to life with each person on set nailing their role was a dream. I’m proud to be a part of the FASHIONPHILE team and moments like that remind me why.

behind the scenes on set for FASHIONPHILE about us commercial authentication station
Behind the scenes, FASHIONPHILE Authentication Station

Tell us why this storyline matters to you.

The storyline matters to me because I believe FASHIONPHILE offers a service that can positively impact the planet. The world is our marketplace, and this allows us to offer products that are extremely rare, vintage, or have too high a barrier of entry. Additionally, our business model is sustainable and accessible. I was thrilled to tell this story, and I’m excited to continue telling it in new and unique ways.

behind the scenes on set filming about us commerical FASHIONPHILE
Behind the scenes on set filming About Us

Looking back to when you first started with FASHIONPHILE, how has your role evolved over the years? 

When I came to FASHIONPHILE I was brought on board to help build the marketing team’s digital content. My background was mainly in video production but in the beginning, our focus was almost exclusively building out the photo department. For over a year we focused exclusively on photography. Fast forward just over two years, and our focus is now video. I’m now focused on our goals for YouTube, social media video platforms, and ads. The last two-plus years have been mainly laying a foundation and building teams, in 2022 we have a lot of new exciting things on the horizon.

Our new commercial is full of the best, expertly sourced, 100% authentic products you can buy. Watch the video, here!