When Gifting Goes Wrong: How to Get the Bag You Really Want

lifestyle image of model wearing graffiti balenciaga city bag FASHIONPHILE

When Gifting Goes Wrong: How To Get The Bag You Really Want


Theory: every one of us has that one aunt (or cousin, or best friend) who gifts us really nice things that are just perfect —- for them.

The sentiment is so sweet, but the delivery doesn’t always land.

Case in point: last Hanukkah. My dear, dear (very stylish) aunt gifted me a stunning Gucci GC Supreme Monogram Medium Padlock Shoulder bag. And I could see why. It was undeniably chic and gorgeous, with a polished gold padlock that had a “statement piece” written all over it.

The only thing was, I don’t do gold. Anyone who spends more than a week out of the year with me likely knows that, but as you might have guessed by now — my generous aunt hadn’t the slightest idea.

I smiled graciously, oo-ed and ahh-ed more than the appropriate amount, and quietly tried to put away the all-consuming thought — “what am I going to do with this?”


Lucky me, it didn’t take long to connect the dots. If FASHIONPHILE exists for anything, it has to be moments like this one. Here I was with a perfect, mint condition bag that I couldn’t return, just waiting for some lovely stranger who will see it as her one true love.

As for my one true love, I’d find her as soon as I’d sold this one.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a quote on it immediately. It’s so easy, after all — I just filled out a few basic details and they got back to me with a number in no time.

While I did save the bag for an obligatory wearing at my family birthday celebration a few months later, I’d been browsing my dream-bag wishlist since the day I got it. (The Balenciaga Classic City was at the top of the list, along with a few Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25 options. Spoiler alert: in the end, it made the cut.)

Selling my beautiful Gucci bag was a breeze — I mailed it in, though you can absolutely opt for White Glove Pickup or visit a selling location instead. Once the bag sold, I took the FASHIONPHILE Store Credit (10% bonus) instead of a check, since I knew I wanted another bag and put it to good work.

Long story short, I’m now indeed the proud owner of a Balenciaga Graffiti Printed Classic City, which — if you must know — my aunt unwittingly complimented after seeing it in an Instagram post.

Bottom line: you deserve to be obsessed with every designer label in your collection. If you’re not, you can keep your decorum and your options — there’s always FASHIONPHILE!