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Why We’re Excited About the New CHANEL 19

Why We’re Excited About the New CHANEL 19

Why We’re Excited About the New CHANEL 19


CHANEL bags truly stand the test of time. Whenever you buy a new or pre-owned CHANEL bag, you can rest assured that the style will be relevant for many years to come. It’s a smart financial decision too; there are several CHANEL models known for their outstanding ability to hold value over time. Now here we are at the end of 2019, graced with another stunning bag to add to our wardrobes: CHANEL 19. CHANEL 19 is today’s answer to the ever-stylish CHANEL 2.55. 19 represents 2019, mirroring the fact that 2.55 stands for February 1955, when Chanel first dreamed up its design.

CHANEL 19 will take your breath away with the options of supple lambskin or goatskin leather, and tweed or wool tweed. These oversized handbags are designed to feel amazing to touch and comfortable to carry, all while exuding seriously modern style. Switch things up by carrying yours by its large metal chain handle or wear it over your shoulder (or as a crossbody style), utilizing its chain strap of leather laced with metal in three finishes: aged gold, ruthenium and silver; they even have belt bags too!

Dress up a casual look of flats and jeans or wear them for the most elegant nighttime occasions. And don’t shy away from monochromatic ensembles- the house of CHANEL is currently crazy for the combination of brightly-colored suits styled with handbags of the exact same hues.

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