Spooky Collections in the Spirit of Halloween

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Spooky Collections in the Spirit of Halloween

Dior Tarot

Little known to the public until Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri brought the fascinating tidbit to the forefront of her collections, Christian Dior held a deep fascination with the occult. Venturing into territory the legendary designer would likely have adored, she went on to grace us with Dior Tarot for Cruise 2018. The collection features tarot card designs from Motherpeace and feminine, fantastical images. Swoon over Diorissimo handbags, Lady Dior purses and more, featuring images reminiscent of The Craft (1996). However, the inspiration didn’t stop there; you’ll still find tarot references in more recent collections, including the just-released Dior Embroidered L’Etoile Vertical Book Tote.

“I have explored tarot cards in various collections, their iconography and symbolism. Tarot cards were something that fascinated Monsieur Dior, a material object evoking a spiritual world, and this is why they took root in my imagination.” – Maria Grazia Chiuri

product image of christian dior tarot tote FASHIONPHILE

Fendi Monsters

The little fur, monster-faced pom-poms Fendi lovers just can’t get enough of may be found across backpacks, handbags, sneakers and even teeny-tiny accessories meant to customize just about any bag (though we’d accessorize Fendi with Fendi). From yellow-eyed creatures to Bad Bugs charms, Karl Lagerfeld managed to take a very unexpected motif and turn it into a phenomenon: Fendi Monster.

“I don’t like standard beauty – there is no beauty without strangeness.” – Karl Lagerfeld

product image of fendi monster bag FASHIONPHILE

Alexander McQueen Skulls

Last but not least, you can always find intriguing skulls strewn across collections from the House of Alexander McQueen. An iconic calling card of the brand and an enduring motif of its late founder, Lee Alexander McQueen, the skulls are beautiful and dark- a fitting aesthetic for a fashion house that made history with a slew of breathtaking, borderline disturbing fashion shows. Explore skulls on accessories including scarves, clutch clasps, boots and more.

“I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists.” – Lee Alexander McQueen

product image of alexander mcqueen clutch FASHIONPHILE
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