Watch Out: Time Is of the Essence

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For us fashionphiles, there is no excuse to lose track of time – especially when you can have a luxe timepiece resting on your wrist.


Time is the common denominator here. But how we tell time, will always be an individual preference. When it comes to deciding on your next luxury watch investment, it can certainly feel overwhelming; after all, there are so many options to choose from! So allow us to give you a hand, we have all the time in the world.

Step 1: Pick A Face

For your timepiece, the face of choice (also known as the watch case) is important. If you’re wondering what the numbers in our product titles mean, those refer to watch case measurements. Watch cases are recorded in millimeters at the widest point of the watch.

When selecting a face, think about these things: Do you want to tell time with numbers or symbols? Are you looking for a neutral background or a fun pop of color? Do you prefer the face to be big or small relative to your wrist? A square shape, oval shape, or circular shape? Totally aware this sounds like we’re creating your personalized emoji.

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But indeed these are some common questions to ask yourself. A watch not only tells time but also reveals a lot about you – so choose the one that speaks to you!

Here’s a suggestion to start: If you’re looking for something traditional, long-lasting, and beautiful consider investing in Rolex. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

My first big investment after college was a pre-loved Rolex watch. From work to dinners, to holiday parties, the love for my Rolex is still going strong. You can never go wrong with a classic timepiece from a desirable brand like Rolex.

Step 2: Select Your Watch Bracelet or Strap

A helpful tip when trying to decide on your next timepiece is to think about what other jewelry pieces you already wear. Since a designer watch is a significant investment, it’s a smart move to consider how your watch of choice will complement your current jewelry collection.

For those who love hardware and mixing up metals, a stainless steel watch with 18k gold would be top pick. Perhaps even a style that has a nice combination of everything, like the Small Panthere Quartz watch from Cartier, or the Constellation timepiece from Omega.

Leather watch bands are great as well, especially if you’re trying to avoid the trouble of getting a horologist or watchmaker to add or remove links. When you’re not sure of the fit and want to have the option to adjust the size yourself, leather bands are a perfect choice (also a great gifting option).

product image of Cartier

Step 3: Finalize The Details

It’s all in the details. This is my favorite part. When narrowing down your investment watch of choice, it really is a matter of whether or not you want it to serve as a decorative piece. Do you want diamonds and sapphires, or do you prefer your timepiece to be more toned down?

If you’re seriously searching for a statement watch, look at Van Cleef & Arpels. Their pieces are decked in diamonds, emeralds, and mother of pearl … they never disappoint.

Simultaneously, this is a great time to also consider your budget. Doing so will help you navigate your options. But let me be honest with you, no matter what you decide, there is no wrong answer here. Every designer watch serves a gorgeous and practical purpose!

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