Why Pre-Owned Gifts Make the Best Gifts You Can Give (And Receive)

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What makes a great gift? Hint: it’s pre-owned. If you haven’t already read up on it, these reasons to shop pre-owned are pretty compelling and, to this day, still ring true.


With the trends of fashion resale here to stay, gifting pre-owned ultra-luxury opens a world of benefits. Here are a few reasons why pre-owned gifts make the best gifts you can give and receive. Firstly, you get access to the best inventory – everything from a trunk dated over 100 years to today’s popular ‘It’ bag. Plus, shopping for pre-owned at FASHIONPHILE is great for the environment. And the cherry on top? With the varying degrees of product conditions at FASHIONPHILE, shopping pre-owned gives you different options to choose from for every budget. If gifting pre-owned is something you’ve never considered before, let this be your sign of giving it a go this time around!  

In the spirit of gifting, the positives behind shopping pre-owned are massive, starting with access to hard-to-find and no-longer-made products.

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1). Uncover Hard-to-Find Items

When you shop for pre-owned handbags and accessories at FASHIONPHILE, you get unlimited access to the most sought-after items. Yes, we even hunt down those vintage Louis Vuitton trunks like this one. You can also shop for unique gifts, like this Louis Vuitton volleyball that’s perfect for that fitness junkie you know, or a set of Hermes coffee cups for that person who could use a fancy good ol’ cup of Joe. 


2). Find No-Longer-Made Treasures

Plus, you can find discontinued and limited edition handbags and accessories that are no longer sold or available directly in stores. Not to mention, all jewelry and watches we receive are cleaned and polished, which means they’re in better condition than when they were first received. 

Resale gives people access to another option when trying to be conscientious about what they’re spending. It’s giving the permission to shop in a way that maybe you wouldn’t have before.Source: Retail Brew 

 – Sarah Davis, FASHIONPHILE Founder, President & CCO

While pre-owned shopping gives you exclusive access to some of the best sought-after items you couldn’t find elsewhere, it always benefits the planet.

3). Pre-owned Benefits The Planet

The planet loves pre-loved purchases. Although this isn’t news at this point, our findings with Ecodrive and Kantar reassure shoppers of resale’s significant environmental advantages. Shopping for pre-owned handbags, jewelry, and watches prevents gallons of wasted potent water and saves countless pounds of production emissions from being released into the air. Learn more about our findings with Kantar and Ecodrive in our sustainability journey and environmental impact report.

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The growing appreciation for goods in the secondhand market sheds light on how much consumers, as well as major fashion brands, have shifted their attitude toward resale over the years. While knowing that buying pre-owned at FASHIONPHILE saves water and prevents unnecessary harmful production emissions, pre-owned also further increases the value-per-wear ratio of ultra-luxury handbags and accessories (ultimately keeping them out of landfills). Because luxury shoppers are more likely to keep and care for their purchases, it suggests luxury consumers understand that ultra-luxury goods have a retaining value, which naturally benefits the planet. Shopping with FASHIONPHILE is the guaranteed way to shop sustainably. 

Now, the best part?

4). Pre-owned Benefits Your Wallet

Shopping for pre-owned gifts (and receiving them) is a financially savvy move. How so? To the gift giver, choosing pre-owned gives you more options and flexibility in cost. When looking for that Holy Grail, there are varying degrees of conditions to consider. At FASHIONPHILE, you can shop a range of conditions from Giftable to Fair, meaning there are items to choose from for every budget. Shoppers, on average, save 41% off retail for handbags, 37% off retail for jewelry, and 45% off retail for watches. 

Pro tip: Our Personal Shoppers can help you find the perfect gift and even help compare similar items you are considering. Learn more about how FASHIONPHILE’s Personal Shoppers can help you find your Holy Grail (including finding those irresistibly perfect gifts).

On the receiving end, ultra-luxury handbags and accessories retain, if not appreciate, their value over time. So you can always feel good about receiving pre-owned ultra-luxury items. There is beauty in knowing you can enjoy your luxury handbags, jewelry, and watches indefinitely. When you’re ready to part ways with them, their covetability and market value remain intact. This is a huge reason resale continues to thrive, especially in the ultra-luxury space. The cycle is never-ending. 

As you tackle your shopping to-do list, remember that shopping pre-owned ultra-luxury gives you access to an ever-changing inventory, helps the environment, and benefits your wallet. At FASHIONPHILE, you can find everything from vintage and discontinued to trendy and hard-to-find pieces. 

Shopping for pre-owned gifts is a better way to shop for the planet and the pocketbook. Shop our holiday gift guides to discover endless perfect gifts for him and gifts for her at various price points at FASHIONPHILE. When in doubt, let them decide with a FASHIONPHILE E-Gift Card.
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