Five Destinations, Five Perfect Bags


Here are five summer destinations & five perfect bags to take with you.


According to our Instagram feeds, the jet-set summer season has arrived. We’re witnessing friends, family, editors, and influencers alike escape to their favorite destinations. Whether you have multi-stop trips planned or you’ll channel vacation style from home, this bag guide has you covered.

No. 1

Barcelona, Spain

Ah, bustling Barcelona. Marvels of art, architecture, and culture wherever you look. The city that seems to have it all – a Gothic Quarter, fun vintage shopping, world-class restaurants and the wonders of Miró and Gaudí, is also home to some pretty fabulous beaches, complete with medieval seaside villages. Your bag? A Fendi Mon Tresor Bucket Bag to match Barca’s creative eccentricity.

No. 2

Kotor, Montenegro

The UNESCO-protected Old Town of the surreally beautiful, medieval seaside city of Kotor conjures plenty of inspiration. The cobblestone streets reflect Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, Venetian roots and more, surrounded by picturesque peaks. Nestled on a bay that looks a lot like Lake Como (Boka Bay), it’s actually not a lake but a saltwater body, part of the Adriatic Sea. Just an hour’s drive from Dubrovnik and a short flight to Italy will get you in the mood to explore. Your bag? A Louis Vuitton Monogram Giant Bumbag, for a hands-free day of stylish exploring.

No. 3

Tulum, Mexico

Magical Tulum has become a hotspot for spiritual retreats and electronic music festivals alike. With white sandy beaches, lush, tropical beaches, and sparkling blue seas, you only need a few days in Tulum for a total reset. Your bag? A Prada Plexiglass Hemp Bag for your luxurious answer to the common beach tote.

No. 4

The Hamptons, USA

NYC may be beautiful in the summer, but the Hamptons provides the perfect fresh air, a beachside escape from top temps in the concrete jungle. Look to the party circuit or quiet R&R- you just can’t go wrong. When it comes to accessories, keep them classic. Your bag? A Chanel Deauville Tote to match the understated and relaxed aesthetic of the Hamptons.

No. 5

Miami Beach, USA

Cue Miami Sound Machine! It’s time to visit that tiny stretch of South Florida that packs a powerful punch in dining, entertainment, nightlife, art – and certainly beach life… Miami Beach. Explore streets lined with Art Deco treasures and marvel at modern architectural feats like the Frank Gehry-designed New World Center. The fashion leans to less is more and plenty of color. Your bag? An Hermes Mini Kelly for Magic City glamour.

What’s your favorite designer bag for this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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