An Art Lover’s Dream: ArtyCapucines and Louis Vuitton X


An Art Lover’s Dream: ArtyCapucines and Louis Vuitton X


Louis Vuitton’s artist collaboration collection, ArtyCapucines, features limited-edition handbags created in tandem with a number of contemporary artists: Alex Israel, Jonas Wood, Nicholas Hlobo, Sam Falls, Tschabalala Self, and Urs Fischer. Th production is limited to 300 special edition bags. What’s more, an exhibition at the 22,250 sq. ft. Louis Vuitton space took place at 468 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, right around the corner from FASHIONPHILE’s Beverly Hills location. The 10-room exhibit displayed contemporary art as well as awe-inspiring fashion and luggage collaborations from over the years by Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama, Frank Gehry, Karl Lagerfeld, and others. Pieces from the early 1900s to more recent collections appear, as well as a full display of the ArtyCapucines collection. In homage to LA, a Hollywood room was included too, featuring 31 Louis Vuitton red carpet outfits worn by the likes of Emma Stone and Jennifer Connelly.


The Bags

ArtyCapucines PM Alex Israel:

Alex Israel’s celebrated signature California wave makes its handbag debut on a purple top handle, orange shoulder strap Capucines. The tops of two plexiglass surfboard fins peek out from the bag, one attached to a mirror, the other to a comb.

ArtyCapucines PM Alex Israel


ArtyCapucines PM Sam Falls:

Sam Falls created a meticulous reproduction of one of his intricate works via HD printing, jacquard weave, and handmade embroidery. Its ultra-feminine palette is complemented by a mother-of-pearl LV logo and handle rings.


ArtyCapucines Jonas Wood:

Jonas Woods’ version is a textured, black-and-white animal print bag inspired by his works. Over 200,000 stitches are embroidered overprinted calfskin and cowhide leather. Other notable details include its matte pink LV logo, pink striped interior, and charming giraffe charm.

ArtyCapucines Jonas Wood


ArtyCapucines PM Nicholas Hlobo:

Another amazing textured handbag, the Nicholas Hlobo collaboration emulates the appearance of what a flower would look like growing through the bag. This Capucines is black with blue floral elements and hand-laced embroidery.


ArtyCapucines BB Urs Fischer:

Urs Fischer’s white Capucines creation is arguably the most conceptual of the group with hand-painted, hyper-realistic silicone food objects. A lightweight apple, banana, carrot, strawberry, egg, and mushroom dangle from delicate chains.

ArtyCapucines BB Urs Fischer


ArtyCapucines PM Tschabalala Self:

Featuring 19 types of leather and 200 hand-cut shapes, each Tschabalala Self handbag is truly unique thanks to slight variations. The shapes reveal her vision of a deconstructed LV Monogram.

Looking to be one of the lucky 300 people to get one of these ultra-limited edition bags? FASHIONPHILE keeps an inventory of limited edition Louis Vuitton!

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